TAGP 188: 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Remember Your Emotional Traumas

May 20, 2019

“When You Struggle Emotionally The First Place To Look To Is Your Relationship With Your Parents.”

Imagine trying to work towards resolving your past traumas, re-negotiating them, and re-perceiving what happened, while never being able to remember them? Many anxiety sufferers today who are working toward a cause oriented healing plan find it very difficult to pinpoint the moments when their sensitivity started. This can be distressing, and many may even question their memory when this occurs.

What stays unresolved from your past greatly affects you in the present

This is simply due to the subconscious mind running your life. This infinite storage system for your memories holds the understanding as to why you react the way you do today, and why the world looks so very fearful. When the subconscious mind experiences a situation, it groups information as to whether that situation is safe, dangerous, good , bad or otherwise based off of past experiences.

If you can’t recall the past experiences that have led to the association of fear in that moment, you’ll never be able to change your interpretation of what happened

Emotional traumas are the building blocks to the majority of peoples anxiety disorders today, if you ask me. Why do I believe this so deeply, because if it wasn’t true the people I work with through my programs wouldn’t be feeling a sense of lightness and healing by re-interpreting their past emotional traumas.

This is why today’s anxiety guy podcast is so vital to understand. These 3 reasons will speak directly to why you’ve forgotten your past emotional traumas. After this understanding you’ll be much better prepared to clean these limiting components up, and begin facing what you need to to put fear behind you once and for all.

Today on the anxiety guy podcast I’ll be sharing:

  • What emotional traumas really are
  • Why it’s so important to recognize when your anxiety started
  • Why so many emotional traumas begin at childhood

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