TAGP 187: When Anxiety Fears Stem From Childhood Trauma

May 13, 2019

“When A Person Can Make The Connection Between Their Childhood Trauma And Anxiety Today, The Healing Process Can Begin.”

Anxiety comes with it an active imagination, one that many times makes things much worse than what they’ll actually become. This active imagination can also be used towards healing anxiety, and therefore makes it an affective tool to be able to re-negotiate the past childhood trauma that has caused anxiety today.

A childhood trauma can be the result of neglect, physical violence, conversations between parents while in the womb (it’s true), and much more.

Freezing & helplessness in the moment causes the experience to be labelled as a childhood trauma

In that moment of deep emotional distress the conscious mind becomes highly overwhelmed. Because of this overwhelm dissociation can set in due to the system feeling like survival is at risk. This feeling of dissociation can compound over time and grow into depersonalization leading to a host of new anxiety symptoms.

In shamanism they refer to this process as soul loss, and the solution as soul retrieval. A person in the village will come to the shaman for healing, and the trouble began during an incident that was highly alarming and overwhelming. This pattern of dissociation can cause a person to feel completely detached from the outside world, and feel like they’re going through life with a bubble wrapped around them.

It’s possible to re-frame childhood trauma and lead a ‘normal’ life, I promise

Fear can turn into love, the need for revenge can turn into acceptance. So today it’s vital that you come to a decision to begin healing your anxiety, by allowing yourself to be open minded. This new open mind you adopt will create an awareness that leads to lasting solutions.

This episode of the anxiety guy podcast will show you:

  • Where the roots of your childhood trauma reside
  • How anxiety has become so familiar in your life
  • How to heal childhood trauma through emotional reframing

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8 comments on “TAGP 187: When Anxiety Fears Stem From Childhood Trauma

  1. Hey Dennis,
    I have recently decided to start processing my trauma’s. I just purchased the end the anxiety program. I am feeling overwhelmed because, all of the traumas start firing, even though I am trying to process one. Ever since attempting to process, my anxiety has been off the charts for the last couple of weeks, is this normal? So far I am only on Chapter 4 of your program.

    • Traumatic symptoms can certainly become heightened when change is presented to the subconscious mind. This is simply because of the consistency that’s been applied to one way of thinking and being, so resistance shows up to anything that opposes these core beliefs. I experienced this along with other anxiety warriors I’ve worked with, keep digging, re-negotiating those traumas, and applying new behaviours throughout the day. You’ll get there.

      • Thank you! My goal is to keep at this, I usually start, and it’s too hard anxiety wise or too emotional and I stop. I am putting everything I have into being successful at processing at least one for now.

  2. Very enlightening! Thank you Dennis for your help.

  3. Wendy May 18, 2019

    Love your videos, and I’ve been through your program. I’m especially loving the health anxiety show on stitcher. I’d love to comment and give positive ratings, but cant find where to do that on stitcher.

    I play the stitcher podcasts while I’m running and it has been helping.

    • Great to hear Wendy. Unfortunately I’m not too familiar Stitcher but on iTunes there is definitely a rate and review area. ❤️🙏