TAGP 285: I’m Convinced, 80% Of People Who Deal With Anxiety Are Afraid Of This

March 29, 2021

When we deal with anxiety at the root level we will be met with this bewildering state of being. When we do we must come from an understanding place and embrace the confusion that comes with it.

The definition of neutrality within the context of healing anxiety: A neutral emotional state where negative thoughts no longer connect with one another at a frantic pace and where the spirit is at ease. Many people may consciously like the idea of their spirit being at ease, however with this liking comes discomfort as well and there lies the problem.

When you deal with anxiety you will go through different states of being.

This is a universal law called the law of transmutation.

This law (watch this YouTube video for all universal laws) tells us that on the path towards change we will take on many different forms. As we deal with anxiety this is no different as we will go from anxious to panicky to depressed to frustrated to irritable etc etc, but at some point we will be met with emotional neutralness. Like a door that swings open which initially creates confusion, this door leads to an uncertain but necessary path, one in which we find ourselves finally.

how to deal with anxiety

Neutrality must be welcomed as a stepping stone to love and a new set of belief systems. It’s a stepping stone that takes us away from our past interpretations of ourselves and reality and into a creative new set of interpretations, one based around awareness and dissatisfaction for our present results.

Plant the intention of getting to know neutrality better and it will lead you to the next step on this journey.

It’s much more than to just deal with anxiety, we’re transforming and moving beyond worry here. There was a time when worry and stress gave us comfort, certainty, a sense of familiarity, those days are numbered now. As we move beyond our comforts we realize how much they’ve held us back in this life experience. How does this comfort zone of worry hold us back you ask? Here are a few:

  • Our relationships get stale without a deep appreciation for them
  • Our jobs become our lives as the mindset of ‘live to work’ creeps in
  • Our creativity falters as we look to stay within the status quo and never venture out into unknown creative worlds

When a person is forced to deal with anxiety there is much more taking place here than most non sufferers realize.

Enjoy today’s podcast on building a new relationship with this state we will encounter during the anxiety recovery process and I look forward to connecting with you personally through our Facebook Page.

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