TAGP 286: The Pyramid Of Beliefs Leading To An Anxiety Disorder

April 5, 2021

The pyramid of beliefs leading to an anxiety disorder are a guide to uncovering the reasons behind so much of the unconscious misery and distress many people live with today. With understanding comes clarity, and today will be an immense day of clarity for you anxiety warrior.

Healing an anxiety disorder means getting to the root cause of this deep sensitivity. It’s rarely ever the present situation or people within it, but rather these become the symptoms of anxiety instead. As a result of years of conditioning and programming anxiety sufferers begin to believe that this state of being is just normal.

Well, nothing could be farther than the truth.

These beliefs leading to an anxiety disorder are not yours, and it’s time to give them back.


  • The voices in your head are not your voices.
  • The beliefs you hold about yourself and reality are not your beliefs.
  • The perceptions you hold around future threats are not your perceptions.
  • Your current actions are not a reflection of who you truly are.

A veil placed over our eyes keeping you from seeing the truth. Many times these layers of beliefs hold us back from true inner peace, true inner creativity. Once upon a time we were on the path towards happiness and a simple yet content life. However, along the way societal pressures got to us and led us towards tippy toeing around life.

beliefs that lead to an anxiety disorder

It’s time we uncovered the truth behind your mental, emotional, and physical blockages.

I remember a time when I came in contact with my own beliefs leading to an anxiety disorder (here’s the YouTube video for this) only to deny them. I always thought it was the fear of the doctor, or that my body was weak, or that worry was normal. These were a product of my subconscious belief systems, programs that were running below the surface of my awareness which were causing me to interpret reality wrongly.

Today I will reveal to you what you need to know. So open your mind, open your heart up to this anxiety guy podcast episode and let’s go deeper than we ever have before, towards the beliefs leading you to an anxiety disorder.

Enjoy today’s podcast on the pyramid of beliefs leading to an anxiety disorder and I look forward to connecting with you personally through our Facebook Page.

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