TAGP 64: Depersonalization And Anxiety – A Symptom Or Something Else?

May 15, 2017

depersonalization cure“Depersonalization; Quite Possibly The Most Bewildering And Terrifying Thing I’ve Ever Experienced.” – Dennis Simsek

Depersonalization is something that’s becoming more and more common in today’s world of chronic anxiety, and yet no one can give us any firm answers on it yet. Certainly my own therapist had no idea what I was talking about, and my doctor just looked at me like I was from the planet Zoltron, so what was a sufferer to do? 

The truth is depersonalization is most certainly one of those things that doesn’t get much focus as far as treatment options. When all medical tests are done and physical ailments are ruled out, confusion can certainly set in, until today.

I believe the best solutions come from those people that have been through depersonalization and derealization, and have come out the other side. Even though all those inner voices tell you that you’re doomed, there’s a part of you that reminds you of how sensitized you truly are to everyday fears, and that the solution could simply be in taking care of those very things.

“When I Work With Someone Personally Through Depersonalization, It’s Not Only Based Around CBT, But We Get The Meat-Suit Engaged (The Body), We Tackle The Emotional Fatigue, And Re-Wire The Subconscious.”

So get ready to listen to this powerful episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast a few times to really grasp where depersonalization comes from, what keeps it going, and what options you have to treat it naturally.

In this episode we look deep into:

  • The main triggers of depersonalization
  • Whether it’s a symptom of anxiety or not
  • The #1 way to start turning this bewildering feeling around starting today

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2 comments on “TAGP 64: Depersonalization And Anxiety – A Symptom Or Something Else?

  1. Depersonalisation was not really I thing I think I dealt with. I have heard of it, but most discussions with fellow anxious folk I have spoken to (and including myself) is focused on the heart issues. I have had a few weird issues, like feeling like I was walking through a wall of honey, being pulled sideways as I was walking and the like, so maybe these fit in the depersonalisation definition.

  2. mohamed May 17, 2017

    yes dennis ..depersonalisation happens to me after prolonge fear and physical symptoms .. and i used to do something which later i releazied it was wrong. i would remind my self with things tht im mohamed from the past it prove it for me.. thts means tht i belive depersonalsation.. i have question dennis.. face accept let go .. is it methode only for panic attack? bcz i have constant fear constant physical symptoms thy prescribed it as anxiety . panic sttack is gone for 2 yeras.. so i spply dr weaks methode sometime it works some time fear defeat me but i never give up is it the only medthode denni.d and im doind my best to change my way og thinking thx