TAGP 63: Breaking Anxious Patterns: The Power Of An Elastic Band

May 8, 2017

“Break The Pattern To Create A New One.”anxious patterns

95% of our actions are unconsciously determined. Think about that. These are habits, patterns, and most of them destructive. But we don’t recognize these patterns because we were never taught to live conscously, but to accept our realities as they were.

“We Can’t Blame Our Parents Though, I Mean They Can’t Teach Us What They Don’t Know.”

Some of the statements my clients have grown up with are things like “you’ve got to roll with the punches” or “no pain no gain.” No pain no gain? What the hell does that even mean? By running the same limiting patterns in our thoughts, words, and actions we create the vibration of living comfortably fearful, and my friends you’re much better than living comfortably fearful.

An elastic band was my best friend during my recovery from anxiety, and it will be yours as well. An elastic band when used properly holds the power to not only break you of your anxious patterns, but to create mindfulness. A broader look into the world, seeing the big picture, and going external in our focus rather than internal.

To Break The Anxious Patterns Means To Catch Yourself When Your Crtical Voice Is Present

When the process of doubt begins, you’re told you’ll never amount to anything, or that anxety will just be a part of your life so you must learn to live with it… Forever. Every client I have goes through the elastic band process, and now my friends, so will you.

The 4 steps you will learn in this powerful epsode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast will transform your anxous patterns of thought, and change the way you see yourself.

In Episode #63 we’ll be learning about:

  • What breaking a pattern truly means
  • How to fully accept and let the anxiety storm pass
  • Why the elastic band is an absolute must to wear for you

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