TAGP 65: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Reach Self Mastery

May 22, 2017

how to reach self mastery“Self Mastery Is The Powerful Combination Of Control And Flexibility.”

When we talk about self mastery we’re talking about people that live mindfully. Mindful living means not falling for the traps of your default mode network (DMN), the part of your brain that thinks and behaves unconsciously.

Unconscious living means putting your life in the hands of others. A persons belief becomes your belief, the gloomy weather means an ugly day, and if something feels wrong than it must be wrong.

“Self Mastery Means Standing Guard At the Doorway Of Your Mind, And Allowing Only The Rational And Big Picture To Enter In.”

The difference between average and successful people is their level of psychological development. Successful doesn’t have to mean in any given aspect either. Some people can view success as simply living out their passion, or sitting on a bench, hearing the birds chirping, and simply being in that present moment.

As you probably already know and understand well, the mind doesn’t naturally become broadened/flexible in it’s thinking.

It Takes Commitment, Repetition, Emotion, And A Willingness To Change

But Dennis, why wouldn’t someone want to change their lives for the better? Improving their physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health is a given isn’t it? Well, not really.

If you’re ever heard the saying “most people would rather die than to think,” you know where i’m coming from. The very idea of change takes the conscious mind completely out of the game, and it checks out. It wants nothing to do with it since familiarity is what it loves.

In This Episode Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We’ll Be Discussing:

  • When you’ll know you’ve reached self mastery
  • Reasons why some people will never change their realities
  • Where we go wrong along the journey

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One comment on “TAGP 65: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Reach Self Mastery

  1. mohamed May 24, 2017

    hi dennis. yes if i asked my self wht keep me not acheiving my goals.. yes its my anxiety .. anything i want do i refer to anxiety .. traviling alone or with friend my anxiety will scare me ..going about.. having an affair all bcz anxiety. yes u are right.. untill when . i need to ignore the first fear the false voice the physical symptoms yess.. in getting old .and life is short untill when .. yes .. nice podcast dennis go for more lovely podcasts