TAGP 109: Hypnosis For Anxiety, Does It Work?

March 26, 2018

“The State Of Hypnosis Is Actually An Ordinary Experience, Similar To Your State Before Falling Asleep, Getting Lost In A Thought Or A Really Good Movie.”

I’ve received many questions in the past few weeks about whether hypnosis can work for anxiety or not, and today we set the record straight. This episode is particularly important for people suffering from anxiety as I will be speaking directly to you to let you know my own personal experiences with hypnosis, as well as the facts so you can make an informed decision.

Hypnosis Can Certainly Be Effective In Recovering Suppressed Memories As Well As Modifying Anxious Behaviours

The important thing to understand is that hypnosis for anxiety is still something quite new. As an anxiety sufferer the first options that came to my mind for help were in the order of doctor, followed by therapist, followed by family and friends, followed by CBT and NLP, and hypnosis being at the bottom of the list. But maybe the order was all wrong?

I will always be a firm believer in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming for overcoming anxiety and repressed emotion. We were born rational beings and we’ve lost touch with that ability through anxiety, and these problem solving tools help us to get that very human side of all of us back.

When It Comes To Hypnosis For Anxiety Every Hypnotist Has Their Own Style

In this episode I’ll share my favourite types of hypnosis for anxiety and that comes in the form of visualization/hypnotherapy. I love the ability we all have to alter images/information within us that plays out like a record all day every day. These images we keep within our energy systems, and a good hypnotherapist/NLP specialist will help you to shift your perceptions over them.

In Episode #109 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I’ll Show You:hypnosis for anxiety

  • What the best way to use hypnosis for anxiety is
  • Why hypnosis fails for so many people who’ve gone through a few sessions
  • How hypnosis can shift what your subconscious mind holds onto

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2 comments on “TAGP 109: Hypnosis For Anxiety, Does It Work?

  1. Jay Jorgenson Jul 19, 2019

    My mom has anxiety problems because of stress. I like that you mention hypnosis can help recover suppressed memories as well as modifying anxious behavior. Thank you for the information. I’ll provide this information to my mom so she can get help.