TAGP 148: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – Derealization And Freedom From Panic Attacks

October 25, 2018

“Derealization Is A Sign Of Shock Due To Emotional Trauma.”

Derealization can be a nerve racking experience. Sufferers move through life not fully attached to their 5 senses, and live with a feeling of detachment from external reality. The bubble that is derealization can lead a person to question their overall health, and take extreme measures to find a solution to the problem.

The biggest issue though, is that people with derealization rarely look at accumulated stress as the culprit

Which makes this episode of the Ask The Anxiety Guy that much more important. We’re going to be looking at the main derealization and panic attacks contributors of derealization, and how the energy body carries past trauma. I’ll also be sharing with you the 5 keys to beginning the path towards proving safety to your energy body. This will provide a new outlook on that past experience that the derealization sufferer carries unknowingly.

I’m also excited to provide solutions to panic attacks in todays episode. As someone who’s been through numerous panic attacks (that of course almost always get interpreted as dying) I feel I can weigh in and help you through this. Also, a CBT based program to counter your panic attacks and anxiety is a key step to moving forward.

“Dennis! What Does Your Evening Habits Look Like?

Is the final question I take on today’s show. It’s important to learn from anxiety recoverers on what they do daily to maintain their emotional states. These lessons are vital to understanding what keeps stress and anxiety at bay, and what habits can override the old anxious programming for good.

On today’s episode of the Ask The Anxiety Guy Show I’ll be answering questions on:

  • The truth about derealization and anxiety
  • What mindset is key to stopping panic attacks for good
  • What one evening habit gives me the most restful sleep

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