TAGP 147: The Unconscious Path To Living With Anxiety

October 22, 2018

“The Lessons Learned Through Living With Anxiety Can Never Be Learned Anywhere Else.”

The manifestation towards living with anxiety can lead a person to think of themselves in many different ways. Some feel like they’re going mentally crazy, and some feel like they’re losing control of their bodies for good. Others feel doomed to live in this emotional state forever.

Our lives are a measure of the data we’ve compiled over the years. This data gets stored deep into the cells of our brains and body, and shows up when current circumstances mirror our memories. Living with anxiety then becomes less of the fault of the sufferer, and more a result of processes that work below our conscious awareness.

Anxiety Sufferers Blame Themselves Heavily For Living With Anxiety

living with anxiety

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This in turn strengthens the unhelpful belief systems an anxiety sufferer carries around. It also drags them farther and farther from new perspectives over their past, current lives, and future vision. As more interpretations get created unconsciously between things in the environment, people, etc the deeper the rabbit hole gets. The climb out of anxiety gets harder due to the flow of negative connections we make unconsciously.

The subconscious mind wants to work efficiently, in order for that to happen it groups things around what’s familiar

The more fear there is, the more fear gets added up. The more doubt we have over some aspects of our lives, the more doubt shows up in other aspects of our lives. The snowball gets bigger and heavier as life progresses. Living with anxiety makes it challenging just to get through the day. Today though, I want to share reasons for why living with anxiety isn’t your fault (although it is your responsibility to overcome through proven CBT based strategies).

In episode #147 I’m excited to share with you:

  • How living with anxiety unconsciously manifests through time
  • Why we hold onto beliefs that don’t serve us in a good way
  • What perspective can lead us to freedom from living with anxiety

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6 comments on “TAGP 147: The Unconscious Path To Living With Anxiety

  1. mohanned Oct 22, 2018

    hi dennis .. thoughts and emotions are a 6 years old child yes u are right.. we eexplain to the child wht is wrong ..danger ..scary. sometimes the child become so naughty whick leads to losing our nerves.. that is wht is happening dennis.. we know the overwhelming fear ..bodily sensations is only anxiety tired mind ..we accept it ..not letting affect us.. but sometimes when fear and symptoms of anxiety become very tense we get affected with it like a naughty child. sometome we lose control of the child is v naughty .i always treat anxiety panic like a 6 years old child .my life is go one.. sometime i need to be more patient not let as u said small child to affect me .. child is a child ..like the anxiety only emotions and sensations has no power like small child..

  2. Erica Oct 23, 2018

    Hi Dennis. Your podcasts, videos, and facebook posts are helping me a lot. I cannot pinpoint a trama that happened at 0-10. Is it possible to have this happen later in life? I was diagnosed with MS 7 years ago (at age 24) which caused me to develop health anxiety about other diseases. Could the MS diagnosis be my trama? Thank you for your time.

    • It’s possible Erica, usually 1 traumatic event or repetitive instances. Absolutely, any diagnosis that is unexpected gets the subconscious involved, the picture of the moment is taken, and sensitivity arises (and many times builds). As you look back I would go over what did you learn from that diagnosis? Also how can you perceive what happened differently? Lightening the energetic load through a shift in perception. ❤️