TAGP 149: Overcoming The Fear Of Dying (Thanatophobia)

October 29, 2018

“The Fear Of Dying Is Followed Closely By The Fear Of Truly Living.”

Epictetus once said ‘it is not death or pain that is to be dreaded, but the fear of pain or death.’ He wanted us to understand that the fear of something keeps us from living, and truly experiencing the present moment. This saying is well worth exploring further.

The fear of dying has many varying levels from person to person, and some people have none of it at all. What’s the difference that makes all the difference then? Do the people with the fear of dying love life more, their loved ones more, their careers more than the ones that don’t have the fear of dying?

Not Necessarily, The difference is that keeping the fear of dying alive accomplishes a need for someone, and there lies the problem

What need could possibly be met by inner sensitivity and holding onto this fear you may ask? Certainly for one, the sufferer is certain that he or she will be listened to, certain to be protected by disease (that’ a real backwards one, but true for many), and certain to experience the same level of discomfort and worry as usual. These beliefs have the potential to prime a person to adopt health anxiety.

This is why helping an anxiety sufferer that carries around the fear of dying can be so challenging. You have to see the world through their lenses, their perspective. To grasp their inner associations you have to step out of your own beliefs, your own interpretations and past, and move into theres. This is where we’re going today.

In this powerful episode of the anxiety guy podcast I’ll be showing you:

  • The patterns that keep a person stuck with the fear of dying
  • The one realization that can take someone out of the cycle
  • Why anxiety sufferers attach themselves to this fear unconsciously

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6 comments on “TAGP 149: Overcoming The Fear Of Dying (Thanatophobia)

  1. Coralee Gall Oct 29, 2018

    Man Dennis. For some reason this podcast made me cry. Is this what my main issue is regarding my health anxiety? Am I addicted to certainty? YES. Now I have to somehow awaken so that I can feel free of this vice I have been suffering from for 30+ years. To be honest I was afraid to listen to this podcast because I hate any conversation about death, but then I thought maybe this will help me somehow. Thank you Dennis.

  2. Karen C Oct 30, 2018

    Thank you so much for all you give to this world!!!

  3. mohanned Oct 31, 2018

    hi dennis .. sometimes fear of death comes from gulit feeling.. for me i fear it whenever i have high anxiety or panic attacks bcz it reminds me of guilt or sin i did in the past.. i know the problem is me i punish my self.. im a muslim i should be beliving tht god is will forgive my sins .but i think maybe high anxiety makes it bigger bcz stress hormons is 247 ..nobody wants to die.. it will happen for all us.. but inside us we cannot accept it. for me the first thing i have to accept death ..second not punishing my self .. thx dennis regard u r the best