TAGP 215: The 3 Different Anxiety Sufferers In The World

November 25, 2019

different anxiety sufferers

Have you ever considered that there could be different anxiety sufferers? I bet the answer would be no, at least for me during my inner distress it was. I always thought that suffering from anxiety meant to manage it as best you can. I never considered that it could lead to lessons, enlightenment, or insights about myself until I became a different kind of sufferer.

Anxiety is more than just feelings of inner stress. The build up to this state is much more complicated than it looks.

Your past doesn’t have to be your future. Anxiety doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Coping and managing is as good as it will get we’re told by many past and current people we see as authority figures. But I disagree. Not solely due to what I’ve been through and my transition, but because I’ve been a witness to many others who’ve come through my programs.

This life we’re living will challenge everyone. Each and every person will be met with one big, and many small challenges, and your ‘big’ challenge is an anxiety disorder. This mental and emotional challenge that we know as anxiety, leads to physical disturbance. Maybe not in the form of an illness or ailment, but through physical symptoms (like Depersonalization) that include messages around past childhood traumas.

Different anxiety sufferers see the world differently. One sees pain and a dead-end, another may see a transition into a new form, and another may see anxiety as opportunity.

My job, which is done straight from my heart, is to open your mind up to the real you. This artificial, anxious, and addicted to suffering you isn’t the real you. It’s a programmed you, and you never had a say in the programming, until now. Get ready to recognize the different anxiety sufferers in the world, and which path will lead to the fulfillment of your inner desires.

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2 comments on “TAGP 215: The 3 Different Anxiety Sufferers In The World

  1. Peterson Lisa Nov 29, 2019

    Dennis, I can’t thank you enough for the time u take to put all these messages out there!! I suffer badly every morning I wake up jolted and afraid of the day! I lost my job and have been looking but at the age of going on 61 it’s hard to find a decent paying job .. the fear I have of working brings on self doubt. But I just wanted to say when I listen to you read your blogs it helps me to face reality a little because how or why I think the way I do or even how I got to this point it just amazes me. This is not who I was or who I want to continue to be. Thanks again for your time and I truly believe you a blessing in disguise to many.. once I get a job I will try your program because at this point I’m just trying anything and everything to live with it. Thanks again ..God Bless You now and forever … Lisa