Meditation For Anxiety, Does It Work?

June 2, 2016

I often get requests from people asking about meditation and its role in reducing anxiety. Most of what sparks peoples interest is a news story about the proven benefits of meditation for anxiety. Meditation (sometimes called Mindfulness) is really becoming a very popular way of treating stress and depression and peer reviewed studies are confirming that this approach works very well.

I have always advocated this approach for dealing with aspects of anxiety, particularly intrusive thoughts that steal your peace of mind. My program (end the anxiety program) has often been described as CBT merged with the mindfulness teachings. A real east meets west approach for treating anxiety disorders.

The only problem people report with learning meditation for anxiety is that it does take a commitment to getover the initial hurdles.  Our minds are so used to racing with thoughts that when we try and sit down and clear our minds it can become quite difficult to sit still.meditation for anxiety video YouTube

If you’ve tried meditation but found it just too difficult to stick with, then I recommend you look into this
popular YouTube video created by The Anxiety Guy team member Marie Gardiner. It’s a proprietary audio technology which puts you into states of deep meditation simply by listening to the audio.

The idea is to create increased communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, leading to what scientists call “whole-brain functioning” This tool isn’t new. In fact, it’s already used by nearly two million people in 193 countries. And, it’s been
endorsed by most top personal growth teachers and spiritual teachers.

So if meditation is something that interests you, please try it and tell me what you think in the comment section.

It’s even used by therapists at U.S. Veterans Hospitals for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)-and Royal Sunderland Hospital has used it for pre-operative anxiety (they said it decreased such anxiety “significantly”).

Do you regularly partake in meditation for anxiety? She your tips and techniques below.

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One comment on “Meditation For Anxiety, Does It Work?

  1. Yes, meditation works for anxiety situations. Meditation helps you to soothe your mind.
    Lama Surya Das says that meditation gives you power to fight bad situations and increases self confidence. Meditation helps you to reduce your anxiety and increases positive thought ,creativity and happiness.