TAGP 182: 5 Powerful Ways To Tell If Someone Will Eliminate Anxiety For Good

April 8, 2019

“It’s Time To Realize That It Is Possible To Eliminate Anxiety Once And For All.”

It’s interesting when someone comes to me for anxiety support with the words ‘can you help me manage my anxiety?’ In that moment I know right away that this person has been fed so much information related to the inability to overcome anxiety, that it sickens me. I’m not saying I’m some anxiety guru that can shake a magic wand and help people eliminate anxiety, but I can quickly open their eyes up to what’s possible for them.

It’s a lack of love… It always is

The environment we grew up in as children was either a fearful one or a loving one. And even if you grew up in a loving home you will succumb to emotional trauma at some point in your childhood (if anxiety is a problem for you today). That’s just the way it is, and in this podcast we get to the root causes of the your anxiety, leave the sugar coating out of it, and get to work putting the puzzle pieces together.

When you can love the thing you fear you’re moving in the right direction

To fear dad because he screamed at you as a child, replaced with loving dad because he had problems of his own is healing. To fear abandonment because mom left you in your crib for too long, replaced with love for mom because she was doing the best she could is healing. You get the point. It’s a re-framing game, and it’s a challenging one for many. The subconscious mind doesn’t let go of original beliefs very easily, but there lies the challenge that ultimately creates a greater version of you.

In today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast I’ll be sharing:

  • The keys to changing your mindset in order to eliminate anxiety
  • The things you must avoid during the healing journey
  • How to re-frame negative events in an affective manner

Enjoy The Download Warrior!

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8 comments on “TAGP 182: 5 Powerful Ways To Tell If Someone Will Eliminate Anxiety For Good

  1. Nishka Sehgal Apr 8, 2019

    I have Health Anxiety and I am still worried. I have had a EKG done in July where they test if you have a heart problem and i didn’t even though it’s kind of rare in my age. I am 13 years old. I have had a ultrasound of my heart it was beating really fast because i was so scared. But they found nothing wrong, i had a blood test and everything was perfect except I have high chrostrol which is not super duper high to be causing all this, i have also had a 24 hour heart moniter put on me and they said I was fine. I always ask my parents if I was ok and they said I was so that calmed me for a few hours then I got scared again. And my parents are always mad because I ask them even though they strongly believe I am ok. I always search up symtoms of heart disease. I am always scared i am going to have a heart attack but also that is exteamly rare in my age. I was born healthy with no heart problems so that is a blessing. I am still worried and i try really hard but i am only 13 and it’s hard. I am scared to exsersise because my heart beats really fast and I get short of breath easly! Even if I am doing a walk outside even though I have had tests done where my heart was perfectly good in July. Do I need more tests? I have only gotten 2. Ugh! Maybe I need more! My dad is like a therapist!! He tells my these quotes about my anxiety and how I knows I have a good running heart. I still worry a lot so what should I do? It’s hard to breathe and I am scared if it’s my heart! I have been told back in November that it’s hard to breathe because of my anxiety. I am so close to getting another heart test done! I got THREE in July! But, my parents say I don’t need it. I don’t think I do… Sorry this is long. I am worried of I will go into cardiac arrest! Someone told me I can’t get a heart problem just by worrying for 11 months that I had anxiety and i am young so they told me they would have found out earlier! I also feel dizzy which is making me scared that I have a heart problem!!! I feel like I am going into cardiac arrest. I don’t want to die of heart disease! I know Heart disease is not a major deal at my age, but the dizziness is scaring me! Sometimes I wonder if it’s actually anxiety!! Please, can you help? I am so worried about cardiac arrest! And heart disease!

    • Letting go of control over the things we have little control over. Creating love in the face of fear. Understanding that these are sacrifices we must make towards becoming a greater version of ourselves. This anxiety podcast will help if you’re open to it. ❤️

  2. DAWN MCCARTNEY Apr 11, 2019

    Dennis my review is just a simple
    Thank you .

  3. Brian Apr 14, 2019

    Dear Dennis,

    Reading this post reminds me of my friend who is probably a little depressed and having anxiety at the same time. She is having a rough time with the family life and after listening to your podcast, I could tell that she is in the right path towards healing. I have forwarded this podcast to her so that she could benefit from it herself, on her own.

    I think, anyone suffering from anxiety has to dig deeper and understand why they are feeling what they are feeling, and be able to switch that negative self-talks to the positive ones

  4. Regina m haskins Apr 20, 2019

    Thank you!