TAGP 181: The Ultimate Morning Routine For Anxiety And Spiritual Growth

April 1, 2019

“A Good Morning Routine For Anxiety Will Open Many Doors That Were Once Shut.”

If you’re anything like I was during my days with health anxiety and generalized anxiety, your mornings are chaotic. Mentally chaotic due to the overwhelming number of things to think about, emotionally chaotic due to the body responding in a frantic manner, and physically chaotic because of the insane speed you do things at.

And we wonder why we have anxiety…

We live in a world where it’s frowned upon to do things slowly and consciously. Instead we put our inner systems through so much intensity that when it comes time to slow down we can’t. Or worse we don’t, and find other ways to stimulate ourselves to the brink of total depletion.

This is why a good morning routine is crucial towards your anxiety recovery. Without a good morning routine for anxiety you’ll be at the mercy of your emotional brain. You’ll think based around how you feel, and how you feel won’t be in alignment with who you want to become most of the time.

Without a good morning routine for anxiety you’ll become highly unconscious, unaware, and barely holding your head above water!

Your morning dictates the momentum for the day. No routine means no awareness, and no chance of properly dealing with inner and outer challenges throughout the day. To set up your day with a good morning routine means you prioritize yourself. This kind of prioritizing will show yourself and the world that you’re deserving of the good coming into your life. You’ll also begin perceiving past people in your life that caused you emotional heartache differently, forgivingly.

Today’s Anxiety Guy Podcast Episode Will Show You:

  • Why a good morning routine for anxiety sufferers is so crucial for the emotional state of a person
  • The 4 components to an excellent morning routine you must implement
  • How to stay consistent with your morning routine for anxiety

Enjoy The Download Warrior!

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6 comments on “TAGP 181: The Ultimate Morning Routine For Anxiety And Spiritual Growth

  1. Jeanne Swift Apr 5, 2019

    I read an article about depersonalization and anxiety: Everything you need to know posted on March 30 2017. I have to say it frightened me a bit. You state it is not dangerous but the article says in some cases you might not recognize personal things, or family members. Does that mean you could possibly not know who people are, their names, etc.? Draw a complete blank about them like amnesia? Also says some people might be aware of what they did during a state of depersonalization. Could you harm yourself or someone else. Or get in a car accident because you don’t know where you are going? Scary to think about. And finally, it says people may find themselves in an area and not remember how they got there! That is a frightening thought. To be somewhere with no memory attached. Never heard about these very frightening effects of depersonalization. Has shook me up greatly. Please explain. It made me upset.

    • Traumatic amnesia is the inability to recall the traumatic memories that have caused a person to feel depersonalized. The article doesn’t state that you won’t recognize people or things, but more so that your senses will work less efficiently and give you a numbed out feeling towards people and objects. Depersonalization can come in many forms, and I believe it’s still another symptom of traumatic memory that was too overwhelming at the time to deal with.

  2. Alaura Apr 6, 2019

    Thank you 🙏🏼 Alaura

  3. Nick.J98 Apr 14, 2019


    There are days I used to meditate every single morning, and still used to feel bad the rest of the day. Are we required to have a good mindset so that the good routine will help? I don’t think without a change in the perception or mindset, one could heal their anxiety

    • I would combine the daily meditation practice with emotionally reframing events in your past that may still be felt as traumatic.