TAGP 183: The 5 Unknown Causes Of Your Anxiety

April 15, 2019

“Anything That’s Outside Of Your Awareness Is Outside Of Your Control. That Includes The Causes Of Your Anxiety.”

Without raising your consciousness you’ll never overcome your anxiety. Simply because you can’t alter what you aren’t aware of. Awareness is a result of curiosity rather than reacting emotionally, as well as recognizing what the differences are between someone suffering from anxiety, and freedom.

Recognizing these unknown causes of your anxiety will be the starting point for your full anxiety recovery. Because now you’re bringing what was once unconscious into consciousness. Your nervous system is always looking to automate as many inner workings as possible. That includes your thinking, emotions, and actions.

The last thing your system wants is to provide new associations to, are things it currently sees as a threat to you

True story! To allow the nervous system to work as efficiently as possible, automation must be completed. This is why so many anxiety sufferers have such a challenging time during positive change work. The brain will simply reject the new ideas completely because it doesn’t fit with the original programs held within the subconscious mind and body.

That doesn’t mean that all hope is lost though

Far from it in fact. If I could put it into metaphorical terms, think of yourself as a large train which has been heading down the wrong path for some time now. The train doesn’t have great breaks, so at this point you’re beginning the process towards stopping that train and guiding it towards the opposite direction. This takes time, and eventually through the anxiety guy podcast, YouTube videos, and anxiety recovery programs you’ll begin automating a different way of thinking, feeling, and acting very soon warrior.

In today’s podcast episode we’ll be focusing on:

  • Why these causes of your anxiety are in fact so unknown
  • How to begin to shift your thinking for good
  • Why you’re more than capable of turning your anxiety around

Enjoy The Download Warrior!

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2 comments on “TAGP 183: The 5 Unknown Causes Of Your Anxiety

  1. Joanne Apr 18, 2019

    I’m 62 now and have been suffering since I was 35. My experience has been loss of friendships trough the years where my fear is of being alone. I have friendships that treat me like shit! I no longer get calls. Something wrong with me?