5 Important Ways Of Dealing With Energy Vampires

March 20, 2020

energy vampires

People have been asking me whether there is actually such a thing as energy vampires that steal the life force out of others?

The answer, at least in my world is yes.

There are people out there looking to knowingly and unconsciously suck the good feelings out of you, lead you towards pessimism and doubt, as well as shift your positive identity to a negative one.

Are these energy vampires bad people?

That’s up to you to decide, but in my world there’s no such thing as a bad behaviour. Meaning, these people are doing this to others to discharge much of the negative emotion stored within them, fulfill the kind of person they believe they are, and keep proving to themselves that their negative belief systems are true.

An energy vampire is misled by their subconscious minds looking to prove itself right.

Let’s say the subconscious mind has a deep running program that says ‘there’s no such thing as happiness.’ The energy vampire will look to place this belief into the minds of others in order to strengthen the belief within them.

Even if energy vampires consciously believe something different, it won’t matter. This is due to the fact that 95% of what people do throughout the day is unconscious, and only 5% is led by the conscious mind.

So can we really blame energy vampires for being what they are?

Well, you can’t change anything that’s outside of your awareness. So if these people don’t really understand or see that what they’re doing is actually a problem, they won’t change it. We must also take into consideration that nothing they say negatively to us, about us, has anything to do with us.

Most (if not all) have had quite a few repeated traumatic experiences in the developmental parts of childhood.

When we can see reality from their perspective we can be a little less harsh on them, and more understanding toward ourselves. Knowing what these people are going through, it’s important to have tools in your toolkit for healing in order to counter their negative energy.

These tools should be:

  1. Laugh it off – If criticism or a negative view of reality comes your way, laugh it off. Energy vampires hate not being taken seriously. They’re looking to justify the thoughts they have and the words they express, so ridiculing their perspectives will create detachment for you, and further self analyzing for them which may lead to them questioning their current negative ways.
  2. Provide helpful feedback for them – Most energy vampires move in and out of anxiety and depression. They would love to talk about their deeper issues with you, they’re just too scared to do so. Take initiative and discuss what negative self labels and emotions they may be suppressing within them. Slowly make them feel like it’s safe to discuss these things, and if you’d like you could even lead them to the anxiety guy YouTube channel for help.
  3. Bring your ‘magic bubble’ – Imagine a bubble surrounding you when approaching the energy vampire. Now imagine the words and energy bouncing off of you as you’re talking to them. Visual imagery can be used to convince the subconscious of what is true today, rather than continue to live by the beliefs given to us from others during our childhood.
  4. Distance yourself – This one is by far the easiest to do. The biggest problem with distancing ourselves from energy vampires is the guilt that comes with it. We feel guilty because in our hearts we have a certain level of empathy for them. Just do it, it may be the best thing you could do for them.
  5. Do the unexpected – Keep them on their toes and break their emotional states. Say things that they don’t expect, act differently, or simply slow down your speed around them and you’ll be getting them out of their regular energy sucking ways. The more unexpected you become, the less chance they will have of leading you into their own negative thinking patterns.

There are certainly a multitude of ways to deal with energy vampires. If a current formula isn’t working for you, change it, literally do anything other than what you’re currently doing. You don’t have to succumb to the negative energy of others, you have a life to live, a voice to express, and you are more than anxiety.

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