Fuck Coping Start Healing Is Now Out On Amazon (OVERVIEW)

April 17, 2020

My latest book Fuck Coping Start Healing is now out on Amazon as a #1 new release in Canada and I couldn’t be happier. My happiness comes from the transformations anxiety sufferers will be making in the coming years once they study this in-depth read.

Many people who’ve read or are currently going through the book ask me how I was able to provide such a deep understanding of healing anxiety. My answer to them each time is that I never felt like I consciously thought up the contents and wrote the book. Many people don’t understand this concept so let me try and explain in a detailed paragraph below.

Fuck Coping Start Healing Manifested as Automatically and Effortlessly As Walking.

The unconscious part of me wrote the book. I like too refer to this side of us as the Superconscious mind. This divine side of us is responsible for the miracles in our lives. I remember meditating on the idea of writing a book and planting the seed during meditation and having it blossom in my writing efforts, a beautiful manifestation.


I remember meditating on the needs of anxiety sufferers. I wanted to tap into ancient wisdom, philosophy (mainly Stoicism), hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and other methods that work and put them all together in a practical and understandable manner.

It all came together beautifully which shows the capability we all have as humans to go from having nothing, to having something we can be proud of.

This Book Is About Mind, Body, Spirit Transformation. It Goes Much Deeper Than Your Ordinary Anxiety Recovery Book.

The last thing anxiety sufferers need are more managing and coping methods. Surface level conscious and behavioural work can only take you so far. My goal was to find a way to look fear right in the eyes, stop stuffing it aside through distraction, and bring forth true shifts in perception and feeling.

Fuck Coping start healing is one of the best anxiety books around today because it doesn’t waste any time. It doesn’t go into a load of theory, nor does it provide the reader with anything that hasn’t been proven to work for anxiety recovery in the past.

It’s the kind of read that will get you to look at your anxiety in a whole other way.

The Best Anxiety Books Around Are The Ones That Integrate The Mental, Emotional, Physiological, And Energetic Components To Healing.

Let me help you understand these components that are in the book better:

Mental – When discussing the mental aspect of healing we’re talking about a few different things. We’re discussing the roots to your resistance to change. Meaning, why you keep talking yourself out of anxiety recovery (consciously and unconsciously).

We’re also recognizing the perceptions one holds about their past (traumas), present (situational and relationships), and future (identity by design) and how to substitute them in a way that the subconscious mind gets the message to change.


Emotional – The emotional components to change in Fuck Coping Start Healing emphasizes the faith to become emotionally neutral during sensitizing situations. It also teaches us how to go from a neutral state to a pleasant state where one can experience gratitude throughout every cell in their body with minimal conscious effort.

Physiological – Here we discuss the changes in the body. These physiological shifts lead to clarity in which the person can begin providing themselves with more options on how to view their past, present, and future selves. Your psychology is dictated by your physiology, and this book gives you the tools to heal this component long term.

Energetic – My opinion is that all anxiety problems are due to energetic stagnation in different parts of the body. The energy is stuck due to one or multiple experiences of trauma, and it’s through the responding and reframing parts of the book where we begin to get this energy flowing throughout the body smoothly once again.

I’m excited that you’re about to embark on one of the best anxiety books out there today. Fuck Coping Start Healing will not only fill you with hope and faith, it will give you the mindset and tools to make anxiety recovery simple to understand and implement.

It’s time to become more than anxiety together.

Dennis ❤️


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2 comments on “Fuck Coping Start Healing Is Now Out On Amazon (OVERVIEW)

  1. Purchased your book and almost through it all. I have been listening to your morning and evening stuff for that 21 plus days on you tube. I just started reframing and man its not easy doing this. In fact I actually feel worse but I know if I keep up I will get through it. I won’t stop until I get the outcome I want and become the new me.