TAGP 185: 3 Relationships You Must Master To Find Inner Peace

April 29, 2019

“To Find Inner Peace Is To Heal Your Soul.”

Your connection to these 3 relationships will either lead you towards love or fear. Love means moving with the flow of life, leaving many things to a higher power, and sharing your compassion towards others. Fear means to live with self punishment, discomfort, and struggle. One is an empowering stance while the other is an over controlling and potentially helpless place to be.

This podcast is a spiritual journey into the inner world of an anxiety sufferer. It will open your eyes to how you’ve been treating yourself, others, and your connection to source. My hopes are that the insights in this episode of the anxiety guy podcast will help you to broaden your perceptions, find inner peace, and take one more giant step towards healing anxiety.

“Outward Peace Is Useless Without Inner Peace.” – Gandhi

It’s an important saying by Gandhi. Simply because to look for inner peace and lasting happiness in something on the outside is a path towards temporary pleasure, and lasting disappointment. To find inner peace means to change your inner dialogue with yourself, to tap into your empathetic side with others, and to build your faith that you are a co-creator in the creation of your life.

The future depends on what you do today!

Taking this knowledge without analyzing the clarity you gained and applying it will not help. I urge you to use what you learn here today in this episode of the anxiety guy podcast. Life will get a whole lot better once you change the interpretations you have within, and find inner peace throughout the rest of your lifetime.

In todays episode we’ll be tapping into your inner healing potential by:

  • Understanding what true love for yourself really is
  • Helping others and therefore helping yourself
  • Allowing god to work with you to create the new you improved version of yourself

Enjoy The Podcast Warrior!

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