TAGP 184: The Most Toxic Source Of Your Anxiety

April 22, 2019

“Be Honest With Yourself Warrior, And Admit This Toxic Source Of Your Anxiety Today.”

Imagine carrying around something in your bag everyday that absolutely stinks! And never knowing what it is because you never took the time to look deep enough into the bag. When it comes to today’s powerful podcast episode it’s a very similar situation. Anxiety sufferers rarely tap into this internal issue, and it compounds and grows stronger by the day.

Becoming more than anxiety means to uncover the pieces of information about you that you’ve been trying to stuff away for too long

You can’t change what’s outside of your awareness. That’s what makes today so important. Your ability to dig deep within you and to say yes! I do feel this each day, and it has manifested from these past experiences holds the key to lessening the negative energetic load you’re carrying around.

This podcast is meant to be an eye opener, a big one. It’s not meant to provide you with re-assurance so that you’ll temporarily feel better. It’s available for you to get to the source of your anxiety, and to re-negotiate your past traumas. To find the angle over what happened that makes the experience more neutral, and to spread love over what’s caused so much fear in your life.

The Key To Transforming Anxiety Is To Slowly Move In The Direction Of Flexibility And Spontaneity

You can’t overcome anxiety, reach self mastery, and raise your faith by keeping the same narrow minded approach over life. You are not your memories, although the past has caused you plenty of heartache it can empower you rather than make you ill. You have a choice, today I want you to choose to become more than anxiety and take those baby steps forward.

In today’s podcast I’ll be talking about:

  • Why you have such a hard time admitting the source of your anxiety
  • Why you have such a hard time releasing yourself from the cycle of anxiety thinking
  • How to begin releasing your repression emotion starting today

Enjoy The Podcast Warrior!

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2 comments on “TAGP 184: The Most Toxic Source Of Your Anxiety

  1. Mohanned Apr 25, 2019

    Want ask un something dennis. Why is it when i keep on going to my therspist my anxiety and oanic getting worse.. even i get depressed ..all he been doing is letting sit in hair and doing breathing technique and and some suggedtions. Like saying i accept my symptoms ivaccept my fear . Later i have v bad setbacks is it normal shall i carry on or find another one thc

    • It’s possible that change scares you because it’s something that is unfamiliar and quite outside of your control (results wise). Keep digging, find the root, and keep up with the true knowledge towards healing anxiety.