How Fluoride Is Killing Your Mental Health! (The Truth)

March 24, 2018

“Fluoride Causes More Human Cancer, And Causes It Faster Than Any Other Chemical.” – Dean Burk

Fluoride naturally occurs in water and the earth’s crust. The trace mineral is added to drinking water and toothpaste to prevent cavities and promote healthy teeth. The positive effect of fluoride on dental health is debatable as individuals in pro-fluoride nations do not necessarily have better teeth than non pro-fluoride nations.

Below are some of the ill effects of how this chemical affects your mental health:

Developmental neurotoxins and fluoride: A developmental neurotoxin is a poisonous substance that destroys the tissues inthe brain, nervous system, and spinal cord during the most vulnerable phases of life, i.e., before delivery and during toddlerhood. Fluoride is a developmental neurotoxin, which is known to be associated with ADHD, autism, disruptive behavior, dyslexia, and other cognitive defects.

Hitler and health effects of fluoride

Alzheimer’s: Autopsies of Alzheimer’s patients have shown that their brains had increased aluminum content. A semi-permeable membrane between the brain and blood helps keeps out foreign matter, like aluminum, from entering the brain. Exposure to this chemical with aluminum results in formation of aluminum fluoride, which can then bypass the protective membrane and enter the brain (which could also cause depersonalization).

This aluminum compound has been found in higher concentrations in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s.

Reduced IQ: A joint investigation, by China Medical University and Harvard School of Public Health, of varied studies done on the impact of this chemical on health revealed a strong link between fluoride intake and ill-effects on the development of the brain.

It was found that children in areas with increased fluoride had poorer IQ scores as compared to children in regions with low fluoride. Besides the Harvard analysis, more than 40 studies have shown the association between reduced IQ and fluoride intake.

Hypothyroidism and fluoride: This chemical has been found to increase the vulnerability to low thyroid. It is more potent when present in drinking water. This tends to bind with thyroid iodine receptors and displaces iodine. Lack of iodine prevents the gland from processing thyroid hormones which can hamper brain function. Thyroid disorders can cause mental health problems like concentration problems, memory loss, brain fog, anxiety, and depression.

Functions of pineal gland and fluoride: Melatonin is made in the pineal gland present in the brain. It is known as a sleep hormone, but it is also a powerful antioxidant that protects the brain. It can counteract brain damage done by Alzheimer’s and dementia and in some cases can increase the human life span.

The pineal gland has a tendency for calcification, i.e., gathering deposits. Such deposits may be made of minerals like fluoride which is present in considerable quantities in the pineal gland. Increased calcification (fluoride deposits) can adversely affect the production of melatonin and cause mental health problems.

Degeneration of the nervous system: After this chemical passes through the membrane into the brain, it triggers degeneration of specific areas in the brain like the neocortex, hippocampus, and cerebellum; these areas carry out key functions like emotional regulation, learning, language skills, sensory perception, and balance and coordination. This chemical continues its effect of tissue degeneration into the sciatic nerve and the spinal cord.

ADHD/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and fluoride: Different studies have shown the link between ADHD and fluoridation. There was a marked increase in fluoridation of drinking water supplies in the US in the 1990s. This was also the period that saw a rapid spike in cases of ADHD.

States with the highest levels of fluoridated drinking water have been found to have the highest figures of ADHD cases.

Lead ingestion: Since the late 1970s, lead has been banned from use in different products like paints, water pipes, etc. It may however be noted that the chrome-plated or brass faucets of today contain some amount of lead. Fluoridated water corrodes lead and increases lead content in drinking water. Exposure to lead, especially by children, can cause mental problems like reduced IQ, mood disorders, learning problems, and memory loss.

I hope this post has opened up your eyes to the dangers of consuming fluoride especially for our overall physical and mental health. A few small changes in the toothpaste, tap water, and other things you consume will make a large change in how you feel and how you think.

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6 comments on “How Fluoride Is Killing Your Mental Health! (The Truth)

  1. I am using tap water most of time and I am always complaining about stress. I think its a right time to take an authentic action, However, this situation is because of habitual behaviour delivered from our subconscious mind. those problems are real and I hate that situation.

    I need to train my mind and stop using that water …..

    thanks for sharing Dennis.

  2. Martina Bozorgnia Sep 18, 2018

    Too many statistics that already proved Fluoride to be questionable. I grew up with Fluoride in Czech Republic and had fillings anyway, Only when I moved to USA and started brushing teeth properly I stopped my cavities to spread. I eliminated fluoride toothpastes from the house, limited sugar to minimum, and focus on my kids meticulous brushing and good diet. So far 9 years later, no cavities. Thank you, Denis!!! We need more logical, sensible, and genuinely good people like you around!!!!

  3. Paul Sheppard Nov 22, 2020

    I was just watching the movie Dark Waters and I had got to the part where they realised flouride was in the water causing issues, I had a flashback to being a child being given flouride tablets, I have marked teeth from having too much, My lovely brain linked somehow my anxiety disorder to those tablets and asked “what if? “ I stumbled across your blog and wondered if this info had progressed at all? I also have an anxiety coaching and therapy business and podcast like you. The mindset changing podcast. Is flouride a culprit or at least part of the reason for where we ended up?

    • It’s possible that it has something to do with the inner challenges Paul. Will we ever truly know? I don’t think we will. But we can however trust in our own sound judgement and intuition.