Tired But Wired: The Sensitized Life With Anxiety

March 3, 2018

“You Deserve Better Than Just Getting Through The Day.”

There is a distinct relationship between exhaustion and anxiety. Anxiety on a daily basis can be extremely tiring; such a worn out physical/mental state causes anxiety to subsequently exacerbate as management of the condition becomes harder.

Anxiety fatigue is different from other kinds of exhaustion in the sense that instead of zapping the motivation and energy, it can trigger a nearly constant state of alertness in sufferers. This eventually results in a sensation which is termed as ‘tired but wired.”

Anxiety and Tiredness: Cause and Effect

The basic nature of anxiety is the main reason why exhaustion and anxiety usually occur together. Anxiety is more than just a name given to a mental condition; it is a unique kind of force which attacks the whole being of anxiety sufferers. A life with anxiety is experienced at several different levels and such a tumultuous experience can make the sufferers extremely keyed up, and ultimately really exhausted.

Physical and mental tiredness does not lead to a reduction in anxiety. The body may be fatigued, the mind may be fully spent, but anxiety continues to remain in full force and all keyed up. Consequently, anxiety sufferers are truly, really ‘tired but wired.’

Overcoming Exhaustion & A Life With Anxiety

A life with anxiety that is filled with fears and worries, fraught with dangers and threats which may be real or conjured up by anxiety-ridden emotions and thoughts, does tend to have an adverse effect on the entire self being. When such excess levels of energy get guzzled by anxiety, not much energy is available to carry out our daily routines.

To reverse the effects of being tired but wired and living a life with anxiety, here’s where to start:

  • One of the best ways to reducing fatigue and taking better care of the mental and physical self is to raise the quality and amount of sleep. Sufficient levels of quality sleep will help you to regain your energy and vigor, but it is not adequate enough on its own to overcome the anxiety triggered tired but wired sensations.
  • Ensure that the body is sufficiently nourished (here are 5 diet changes you can implement today to end a life with anxiety). Eat a balanced healthy diet full of protein-abundant foods all through the day. Frequently eating minor portions of such a diet will offer a steadier flow of energy as opposed to eating 3 big meals per day. Drink flavored water, water, and tea. Avoid energy drinks, sodas, or other carbonated beverages.
  • Rapid shallow breathing is one of the main causes of enabling anxiety and anxiety fatigue. Make changes to your breathing rhythms (this video will help) and ensure that you take deep, slow, and refreshing breaths.
  • Start CBT and NLP. These disciplines were created to help people who were experiencing emotional and external circumstances in there lives that didn’t fit the blueprint for their lives. These problem solving models are the most important aspect to ending a life with anxiety for good.
  • Life is busy, hectic, and tiring on a daily basis. But that should not prevent you from nurturing joy. Schedule time on a daily basis to engage in activities, etc, that you enjoy and love because this is the language that your heart understands. When you do things that create feel good emotions within, that language not only communicated with your internal organs but also everyone else in proximity of you.
  • Exercise regularly and renew the body and mind by taking regular breaks. Step outside every now and then and breathe in the fresh air. Do aerobic exercises, cycling, swimming, running, etc., as all of these activities offer energy bursts by reducing the cortisol stress hormone levels and increasing the heart beat rate.

A life with anxiety can be exhausting and can lead to feeling tired but wired. But gaining further clarity through the #1 anxiety podcast on iTunes and putting what you’re learning into daily action will create the positive change you deserve.

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