The Greatest Post You’ll Ever Read On Living With Anxiety

November 25, 2014

When you struggle with an anxiety disorder, all you really want is to feel ‘normal’ again. You hate the idea of arranging your life in a way that constantly takes a detour around your fears. But your mind tells you that it’s necessary, so it must be right or else danger might be lurking around the corner.

If you know me personally, you would know that fear kept me isolated in my house for 31 days straight during my own anxiety disorder. Sure I got some fresh air once in a while when I felt like my dizziness and hyperventilating sensations of anxiety crept up on me, but for the most part I didn’t nudge.

As I Look Back I Truly Marvel At The Power Of Our Minds

We hear inspirational quotes about the mind on a daily basis from all corners of the social media world, but rarely do we tend to give it more than 5 seconds of our attention. The funny part is, one of those quotes could be enough to completely turn your fears and anxieties around. That’s no exaggeration either. Let’s take one of those excellent quotes as an example:


“Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of Fear”


Brilliant. Thank you Mr Jack Canfield for sharing that by the way. Now most people would see a cool image in the background, and this nicely worded excellent quote just in front of it. Then they would see how this could be true in their own lives, followed by thinking about all the reasons why they wouldn’t be able to accomplish the systematic steps in order to start creating the change they want.

We most certainly live in a world revolves around scanning and continuing. I for one am extremely surprised that you’re still reading this post, most people would have just scanned the bolded areas, and moved on to find new information on what they needed elsewhere.

That Deserves A Pat On The Back, So Go Ahead…

Anthony Robbins was right when he said; ‘everything starts with a decision.’ Rarely do we take the time to make that decision though. We’re stuck in a world run by fear and anxiety because we simply don’t believe there is another way. But one tiny decision, one tiny ounce of dedication towards wanting more from life, is all we truly need in order to see things in a whole new light.

Now All Of A Sudden When You See That Quote Somewhere Else That Reads ‘Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of Fear,’ You Begin To See How That Quote Can Be Used Towards Some Aspect Of Your Life.

But there’s one small problem once you’ve made that decision, that problem is the fear of the unknown. A world that is foreign to you. A world that is unpredictable in nature. This place is a place few ever THINK of going, let alone physically attaching themselves to. But to you, the one living in fear and constant anxiety I say this:

What Do You Truly Have To Lose By Making A Decision, And Taking A Step Into A New World? You’re Basically Breathing Without Truly Living Right Now Anyway!images38BMML14

Once I realized this, my whole world changed. I was truly a dead man walking, I wasn’t truly living not even close to it. I spent a minimum of 2 days a week in the emergency room trying to figure out what this new sensation of anxiety was, I spent 31 days in my own house thanks to my agoraphobia, and I pushed each and every friend and family member away from my life because who truly wants to be around someone who whines about their life 24 hours a day. I had absolutely nothing to lose by working on creating this mental shift within myself, nothing. I had already lost everything.

This Should Be The Driving Factor If You Have Fear And Anxiety Running On Auto-Pilot Within You

I’m telling you right now, time is precious. Time is all we have. At the end of your time, I don’t want you to have a bucket list of 50 things that you always wanted to do, that you weren’t able to do due to what your thoughts have been feeding you. It’s just not right. In fact, it’s a sin! Life after anxiety is wonderful, and you deserve to live that way even though right now you may think differently.

This is not a battle against some outside force, this is simply a battle within you, with yourself. But here’s the most important question to ask yourself right now;


Are You Moving Closer Towards The Things You Want To Achieve, Or Moving Farther Away From Them?


Through The Anxiety Guy Wellness Academy membership site, I try to make many people understand that setbacks are inevitable. Everyone has them. But they’ve already made a decision, and they are committed to seeing that decision through each and everyday until they are free from the cuffs of anxiety. They understand that 2 steps forward and 1 and a half steps back, is still progress.

Most people in this world we live in though, would rather die than think. The thought of consciously picking which thoughts to accept, and which thoughts to let go in itself is a massive effort. I get it though, I truly do. But what I also ‘get’ is that we can in fact see the world in a whole new light. We can see a quote such as the one Jack Canfield gave us a few moments ago, and see the possibilities rather than the hardships, we can see the incredible possibilities of being able to get on an airplane and see Rome once and for all, and finally:

We Can See The Incredible Potential We Have By Being Able To Give Back To Those People Who Have Cared So Much For Us In The Very Near Future

In closing this post, here’s the message I want you to get; know your potential! Understand that this stale life you’re currently living due to anxiety is temporary. You might not believe that now, but one day you’ll see it. I just hope that day for you is today, and you take the words written in this post with you today towards creating a better tomorrow for you, and the people who care for you.


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6 comments on “The Greatest Post You’ll Ever Read On Living With Anxiety

  1. Lauren Nov 26, 2014

    Powerfully written and so true. We have such a short time on earth to really LIVE not exist. Anxiety is just another hurtle to test the strength of humanity. It also reminds us how alive we really are. Anxiety isn’t all bad once you’ve started to push hard enough through it.

  2. Love this post and the quote is one I’ve seen so many times. I am currently working very hard on getting past my anxiety and fear and it is very frustrating sometimes, as you know. But thanks for reminding me that every tiny step counts. I have really enjoyed reading your posts here and have been comforted by many of them. Thank you.

  3. Brenda Dec 1, 2014

    I agree that you do not have anything to lose by stepping into a new world. Make the call, take a deep breath and walk forward. Getting around your fears starts with moving passed them.