HAP 27: Health Anxiety Essentials, Letting Go And Building Trust

September 28, 2019

Health anxiety essentials

“The fear of letting go and the lack of trust within fuels health anxiety on.”

When we uncover some of the missing pieces to healing health anxiety we find that right at the top of the list is the fear of letting go. In this context letting go would be to let go of mentally connecting ourselves to a particular physical symptom of anxiety due to the underlying need for worry and safety. A person is told each day to just let go and be, and sometimes they do a great job of this. But more often than not they find themselves checking, re-checking, and having someone else check whether the anxiety symptom could in fact be a physical issue.

Letting go is very possible and necessary towards healing health anxiety. At some point on this journey you will be met with another inner challenge. In that moment you’ll already have plenty of momentum going for you since you’ve been doing the inner work already through resources such as my programs. You’ll become bored and disinterested by your old habits of overly paying attention to your anxiety symptoms and you’ll truly let go.

Letting go doesn’t happen all of a sudden. It’s part of the health anxiety essentials that shows up after the inner work is being done and perceptions have shifted.

There’s also a lack of trust going on for a health anxiety sufferer. They simply don’t trust that they already have the skills needed. They also don’t trust that they can maintain their healing journey or that they actually deserve to heal. No wonder they’re constantly held back from taking bigger leaps forward each day.

It’s like a jet pack (the conscious desires and actions) vs the anchor (limiting beliefs) analogy. The more you do and the more you want the more drag there is. Since the core beliefs of a person held deep in their subconscious is the biggest problem, that is where we must focus our attention for long term change. The trust aspect of healing health anxiety doesn’t just mean to trust in you but to trust in what’s to come.

When you trust that your future will be as bright as you want it to be you give up control to a higher intelligence, and you end the pressure you put on yourself.

These are the two important health anxiety essentials we’ll be discussing today. I really want you to take this knowledge to heart and start relating it to your own life. Applying it comes after the connection to how these issues are holding you back. I’ve been in your shoes and broke free, and that’s exactly where you’re going in your own life so let’s start the trusting process today.

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4 comments on “HAP 27: Health Anxiety Essentials, Letting Go And Building Trust

  1. Kersti Sep 28, 2019

    So much insight here around sensitivity. Well done and thank you!

  2. Hi Dennis feel very blessed to have come across you and all you contribute to people
    I’m continuing my journey and I know I’m a warrior 😀