5 Anxiety Quotes To Remember When You Feel Anxious

September 19, 2019

“Anxiety quotes have the power to shift a persons perceptions and the way they feel, quickly.”

Inspirational quotes are everywhere online, you can’t get away from them even if you tried. When it comes to quotes for anxiety there are two ways of approaching them:

  1. You use them as motivation to fight and will your way through your anxious day
  2. You use them to strengthen your understanding around your symptoms of anxiety as well as the root causes

Best thing I did while on my anxiety recovery was to go from option 1 to option 2. I found myself less pumped up and instead spending some extra time on the connection between the quote and my personal challenges. This is what strengthens the thinking mind. Over time a person uses these quotes as a tool for healing anxiety rather that just a spike in dopamine.

These 5 quotes will get you questioning your inner limits starting now:

anxiety quotes

When an anxiety sufferer is given more options to choose from they make better internal and external decisions. When survival mode is constantly activated within a person they lose their ability to pick other future possibilities. This quote speaks volumes, telling a person that if they can just by-pass believing the first thought that shows up when the emotions are raised, they will be given better options.

Example: A person walks into a crowded area with lots of people. The surge of adrenaline kicks in instantly and the person thinks ‘I have to get out of here, I’ll make a fool out of myself!’ As the person spends a little more time in that environment bringing to their awareness how this may be a good opportunity to challenge themselves as well as small shifts in their speed and breathing, things begin to change.

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Anxiety sufferers have tremendous difficulty spending time alone, in silence, and stillness. The understanding behind this anxiety quote is that we must learn to make peace with peace. We must teach the inner child within us that what we may deem uncomfortable is the very path we must take towards freedom.

Example: Imagine an anxiety sufferer in a conversation with someone. All of a sudden the two run out of things to say, and things get silent. The sufferer becomes more concerned and agitated as they look for an exit strategy. The opposing thing to do would be to remind themselves that they may have no idea what the other may be thinking, and that the silence is just a part of their communication.

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Our awareness must move towards what energies we are absorbing, and how they are affecting us. As more and more studies around the hearts electromagnetic energy show up, we begin understanding how we are affected by being in the presence of others. Yes, we can affect whether we are negatively affected by those energies or not. But for this to happen we must first transition into a whole new identity for ourselves through doing the inner work. These are the true eye opening quotes for anxiety.

Example: Within moments of being within the range of a person that’s outputting negative vibrations, you get the sense of what the person is holding onto within. This intuitiveness gives you an understanding of what’s taking place within the mental body of the person. Now you’re faced with three options which are to ask about it, walk away, or become absorbed in it.

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Anxiety sufferers hardly ever find that they trust what they already know to be true. Trust is a skill that doesn’t come automatically for most. Society tells us to never trust anyone and to compete with everyone, and so we take it to heart. We must stop thinking that believing in ourselves and trusting what we know is in some way a sign of arrogance. It’s not, it’s empowerment. So begin using these anxiety quotes as positive reminders.

Example: In the world of health anxiety the sufferer never truly believes that their anxiety symptoms are caused by their mental and emotional patterns. Although, if the person was asked for advice on anxiety from others they would do a fantastic job of providing it. This is just one of many examples of distrust within.

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A part of every anxiety sufferer wants to change for the better. The problem comes down to the resistance known as a team effort between the subconscious mind and the critical factor. The subconscious mind (plenty on this on my YouTube channel so please subscribe) holds a persons deepest beliefs about who they are, what they deserve, and what reality is. The critical factor is the great protector of what’s stored within the subconscious mind disallowing anything that differs from what the subconscious beliefs to be true.

This creates a sort of addiction to suffering and a certain level of comfort. An anxiety sufferer may have moments where they feel much better and life has positive flow again, only to question where the pain and anxiety symptoms went and mess it all up. I’ve been here, you’ve been here, and we all deserve better than comfortable discomfort.

Example: A person gets invited to a cafe with a few friends. The images of saying or doing the wrong things show up prior to making a decision to go or not. The person uses the excuse of being overwhelmed and tired and turns the invitation down. Tiredness is the most overused excuse for anxiety sufferers when it comes to things that are too unfamiliar to partake in.

Out of all of these quotes for anxiety above which one spoke to you the most? Comment below.

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17 comments on “5 Anxiety Quotes To Remember When You Feel Anxious

  1. Carol Sep 19, 2019

    The biggest problem is you’re too comfortable in your discomfort

    • Eye opener Carol. #anxietyquotes

      • Marina Jun 5, 2020

        Although, if the person was asked for advice on anxiety from others they would do a fantastic job of providing it. This is just one of many examples of distrust within…..
        – yes indeed ! I am struggling to trust my myself and my body but it’s easy to give advise to others 😭

  2. Rosetta Sep 28, 2019

    “It’s not that you don’t know what to do, it’s that you don’t trust what you know”, I’ve always been a slow decision maker, because even when I’m very sure of the decision to take, there is a part of me that still doubts. Well, things are going to change 😉

  3. Brenda Anderson Oct 7, 2019

    Thanks for this.

  4. melane123 Oct 23, 2019

    The patient that occasionally or frequently suffer from anxiety may found life to be frustrating. However, the patient frequently has intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. In order to curtail the menace of this disease, the patient should consult a medical professional who helps with his/her expert knowledge to proffer a lasting solution to such a health challenge.

    • Thanks for sharing your personal insights. I personally wouldn’t use the term patient since no one is really sick here, but are mainly dealing with a bundle of habits that have overtaken their identity. Enjoy the anxiety quotes.

    • Michele Chaparro Jun 5, 2020

      “It’s not that you don’t know what to do, it’s that you don’t trust what you know”,
      I have a hard time believing truth. It’s something I am working towards changing right now. Learning to trust myself because in childhood and some of my adult life, decisions were always made for me without ever asking for my input. As crazy as it sounds, I never crossed my mind that my opinion matters too.

  5. I have related to all you say I’m so so grateful for your insight and wisdom have been listening to you for the last three months and can’t begin to tell you how much you have helped me my name is rana from Sydney Australia

  6. Claudia Jun 10, 2020

    “It’s not that you don’t know what to do, it’s that you don’t trust what you know” . I never realised that I had an anxiety disorder until 2 months ago when I had a massive breakdown. It’s been very hard to believe that my mind is causing these symptoms but it has to be because when one symptom disappears something else shows up. I clearly need to address the underlying cause/belief.
    Thank you Dennis for all the valuable information you share with us.

  7. Tracy Dec 4, 2020

    It’s not that you don’t know what to do it’s that you don’t trust what you know