HAP 7: 5 Reasons Why Health Anxiety Sufferers Worry So Much

May 11, 2019

“When Health Anxiety Sufferers Worry It Fulfills A Need That leads To A Sense Of Safety. Today We See Through These Patterns.”

You hear it all the time from people… ‘there’s nothing to worry about!’ Try telling that to the subconscious mind of a health anxiety sufferer who has already programmed themselves to believe that worry = safety. The idea of giving up worry over a sufferers health leads to the feeling of such deep uncertainty of the future, that they simply can’t let go.

A rapid cycle that’s been condition in very well

Health anxiety sufferers worry doesn’t just show up towards their own health either. They begin worrying about their closest friends and families health as well. As this becomes more of a subconscious program the health anxiety sufferer begins unconsciously recognizing all the things externally that might become a threat to their lives.

The life threatening posters, the devastating flu going around, and the news of terrorism all surround a health anxiety sufferers life. Worry becomes survival, symptoms of anxiety become heightened, and sensitivity towards past memories and future occurrences grow at lightning speeds. Health anxiety sufferers worry begins overtaking their lives, to the point of sabotaging any good that comes their way.

I used to wonder, why has god given me this struggle?!

As my helplessness grew during my health anxiety years, my faith decreased. Over time though I put the puzzle pieces together to be able to once and for all meet with lasting progress over my health anxiety. I can wholeheartedly say that overcoming health anxiety is possible for everyone, no matter the severity or length of time a sufferer has suffered.

In today’s episode of the health anxiety podcast show we’re discussing:

  • Why health anxiety sufferers worry to the point of not only emotional damage, but physical and spiritual as well
  • Which secondary needs are unconsciously being met when health anxiety sufferers worry
  • What the one thing you must do today is, to begin lessening and eventually eliminating health anxiety for good

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