Best Herb For Anxiety And Healing You’ve Never Heard Of

January 31, 2020

herb for anxiety and healing

I know, bold and exciting statement. I bet you’re wondering what this ‘best herb for anxiety and healing’ could possibly be as the desperation for an emotional shift grows within. I’ve been there, I understand, and I believe this may help.

I present to you… Mugwort!

I know, the first time I heard about Mugwort I also thought it was connected to a character or neighbourhood in a Harry Potter flick. But don’t let the strange name fool you, this is some powerful stuff.

I discovered Mugwort during my recent trip to Japan where I realized it was everywhere! The Japanese regularly drink it as tea, bathe in it, and there’s even desserts that have mugwort in it. Being a huge enthusiast on learning about different beneficial teas and my never-ending quest to find the best herb for anxiety and healing, I dived right in.

Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) is known for it’s effectiveness against stomach disorders, ongoing fatigue, depression, sleep disorders and health anxiety.

If you’re pregnant, don’t take mugwort since it might cause a miscarriage (the ancients covertly and safely aborted pregnancies when it was culturally proper to do so). Mugwort has long been used to induce deeper states of consciousness, vivid dreams, and astral projection. Some of you may be wondering ‘Dennis, why would this be good for an anxiety sufferer?’ Here’s why:

  • Anxiety isn’t overcome consciously, it’s overcome by connecting to the subconscious mind and body.
  • Anxiety is healed when the missing pieces of information show up (the ones we’re unaware of), not the information we’re consciously aware of.
  • I’m a big believer that to end emotional distress one must also experience an emotional and spiritual awakening (here’s a YouTube video on the lessons god taught me). This is a when the sufferer steps clearly out of their day to day norm, and into the unknown.
  • A good herb for anxiety must be one that works alongside your conscious desires for change. Temporary inner peace isn’t as important as getting to the root cause of anxiety.

The magical moment that set me on the path towards healing my anxiety for good was when I did something I had never done before. I reframed a past trauma at such a deep emotional level that I could literally feel the heaviness leave my body.

From that day onwards I realized how important it was to look deeper than just present thought and feeling.

There are herbs that calm your system temporarily, and there are herbs that help you to access deeper reasons to why you’re in daily distress. This is why I believe Mugwort has the potential to be deemed the best herb for anxiety and overall healing.

Mugwort was considered the ‘universal herb for prophecy and protection’ throughout the ancient world. Mugwort was regularly used for physical pain and ancient Roman soldiers used to place Mugwort inside their sandals for endurance on long marches.

I’m a big believer that we’re onto something big here in terms of using Mugwort as a sidekick to an anxiety program for healing. If it can help to assist in digestion, expel parasites, and relax the nervous system altogether it may be a good herb to experiment with going forward in your overall healing.

Having said that however, any changes you make in supplementation must come with patience (and direction by your doctor should you be taking medication currently). I’m always on the hunt for the closest thing to a magical transition out of anxiety. I haven’t found one in terms of herbs yet, but I do know in time they can help greatly.

Share your thoughts below on what the best herb for anxiety may be for you!

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4 comments on “Best Herb For Anxiety And Healing You’ve Never Heard Of

  1. Yasmine Feb 19, 2020

    I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, and numerous times it caused me body pain, made me feel restless and provoked insomnia. I found having a “before going to bed” hot mint tea helped me fight these symptoms also applying mint oil on the skin helped my muscles ache due to its relaxing effects. I totally love this herb and I would recommend.

  2. Jenny Peers Feb 22, 2020

    Can you take Mugwort with antidepressants – valium, mirtazapine,wellbutrin and zolpidem (sleep medication).