How To Beat Anxiety Without Medication

May 24, 2018

“I Am In The Process Of Becoming The Best Version Of Myself!”

Medications come with a lot of side effects that can have an adverse effect on our quality of life (although there is always a time and place for them). It is especially harmful in people with psychological conditions like anxiety. Below are targeted ways on the beginning stages of how to beat anxiety without medication.

1. Take care of the digestive system, especially the gut

Recent studies have shown the connection between how we feel and gut health and gut flora. It is now known that the bacteria and other organisms in the digestive tract have a definite impact on mood. They also have an integral role to play in varied anxiety conditions.

One can improve healthy flora in the gut and heal the digestive system by following the below listed measures:

  • Eating a diet that consists of foods that soothe the digestive tract. These include starch-rich tubers like white potatoes, sweet potatoes, plantain, yucca, and taro; fermented items like kimchi, sauerkraut, beet kvass, apple cider vinegar, miso paste, kefir, and kombucha; and bone broth.
  • Avoiding food items that irritate the digestive tract, like sugar, gluten, industrial vegetable oils, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners.
  • Taking probiotic supplements
  • Treating any underlying digestive tract infections
  • Efficient management of stress through getting back in touch with nature, meditation, yoga, etc.

2. Getting enough sleep

Anxiety and sleeplessness have a dual relationship, i.e., anxiety can cause insomnia as a symptom, while lack of sleep can lead to anxiety. It is therefore important to get good quality nighttime sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours and to reset your circadian rhythm. 

Ensure proper lighting in the bedroom, at night and in the morning; using blackout curtains or wearing an eye mask; keeping the blood sugar levels stable; and winding down before going to bed can all help you to sleep better and further your understanding of how to beat anxiety without medication.

3. Exercising  how to beat anxiety without medication

Studies have shown a co-relation between exercising, anxiety, and anxiety management. People who do not stay active or exercise on a regular basis are at greater risk to suffering from anxiety conditions. Exercise is one of the best ways of how to beat anxiety without medication, and it has proven to be very useful in efficient management of depression.

Exercise is good for anxiety alleviation because it tires the muscles and helps avoid the symptoms of anxiety; it increases secretion of neurotransmitters that help uplift the mood; and it gets rid of stress hormones which may activate anxiety.

Regular exercising does not mean, running a mile everyday or working out at the gym.

People can opt for mini workouts or minor sessions of exercise in their own home or even go outside for a 30-minute walk. The important thing is sustainability. It is good to walk to places whenever it is possible, sit less, and stand more. Lowering your expectation of what exercising is about can help remove the fear of exercising and get you started. Tai Qi and Yoga are effective options for easing anxiety, but it is important to find exercises that are enjoyable for the self and not cumbersome.

Breathing exercises are excellent tools on how to beat anxiety without medication, particularly those who experience hyperventilation. Individuals who suffer from panic attacks often hyperventilate which may lead to physical symptoms that can trigger and worsen anxiety. Breathing techniques are helpful in calming down the body and decreasing the chances of hyperventilation.

4. Stop/reduce drinking coffee. Stop/reduce the intake of caffeine

Anxiety and caffeine also have a close relationship. The presence of caffeine in the body system prepares the nervous system for the fight (of fight or flight) response. When a stressor gets introduced in such a situation, the caffeinated person may suffer from a full blown anxiety episode as a response to the stressor.  

When discussing a strategy on how to beat anxiety without medication, limiting/stopping caffeine is a crucial step in the right direction

It is very challenging to suddenly stop the intake of caffeine/coffee. It is however possible for anxiety sufferers to gradually reduce the amount of caffeine they consume every day. Replace coffee with green tea, chamomile tea (here’s great video on the benefits of chamomile tea for anxiety), or other herbal teas during this period of gradual reduction, and it will avoid the occurrence of caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

After some weeks, anxiety sufferers may experience a significant reduction in their anxiety levels. They would have stable, renewed energy, improved sleep, and enhanced tolerance for stress.

6. Increase magnesium intakehow to beat anxiety without medication

Research indicates that people with deficient nutrition are more prone to suffering from anxiety. Magnesium deficiency is one of the most prominent causes of nutrition deficiency that triggers anxiety symptoms. Most of us do not get sufficient magnesium because of the way our food gets processed as well as due to cultivation of our foods in magnesium-exhausted soil.

Magnesium levels in the body tend to reduce during hyperventilation and stressful periods in a persons life.

Thus, people with magnesium deficits are at increased risk for a further drop in their magnesium levels when suffering from prolonged bouts of anxiety. Lack of magnesium does not directly trigger anxiety, but it may be the cause of certain sensations and symptoms which can then activate or worsen anxiety.

Magnesium can be supplemented by using a topical magnesium gel, taking a supplement of chelated magnesium, and/or taking a bath with Epsom salt in the water.


The road towards how to beat anxiety without medication must come with a set strategy rather than a a mindset based around hoping and trying. When the strategy is in place and implement for a period of a few weeks to a few months you can gauge your progress and see what needs tweaking in order to become more than anxiety once and for all!

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18 comments on “How To Beat Anxiety Without Medication

  1. Annie T May 24, 2018

    I am doing all this but unfortunately, still having panic attacks.

    • It may be a matter of time, or core beliefs that prevent you from achieving progress Annie. Keep absorbing the content and keep applying what you know is right much love.

      • Annie T May 25, 2018

        Well I think it is a matter of core belief. I’ll try to ride the wave.

    • Lauren May 24, 2018

      If you’ve tried (and exhausted) all other options, perhaps you should consider having a conversation with your doctor about getting on anxiety medication, especially if you are having panic attacks that are reducing your quality of life. However, I’m not a professional but I suggest you talk to one.

  2. Michelle auvil May 24, 2018

    Now if I could only figure out how to get off this klonopin without dying. Because its getting pretty bad. Ugh

    • Sending good energy your way Michelle.

    • Lauren May 24, 2018

      Hey, there’s no shame in needing to rely on medication to get you through the worst of any mental illness. I recently just got off of my meds for the first time in years, and if you are thinking about it, just make sure you are going about it in a safe way and under the consultation of a professional.

  3. lauren May 24, 2018

    I was drawn to this article because, at the core, I disagree with it. Perhaps it is a result of my personal experiences with mental health issues, including anxiety, and how medication really was the change I needed in my life. However, I can really see how the validity of not relying on anxiety medications to be the cure-all for underlying and chronic issues.

    • Julia May 25, 2018

      For me it was the other way around. I had light attacks until I took medication which led to my first real panic attack and more to come afterwards. I’m not saying that I am over it but reducing the stress levels in my life is the only thing that helps. But maybe I’m a special case, since now I have an anxiety of medication.

  4. Claire May 24, 2018

    I’ll have to try some of these suggestions, especially because they cover such a wide range of areas in life. School is really stressful and stress makes my anxiety even worse than it usually is.

  5. Maddy May 24, 2018

    I’ve almost stopped drinking all caffeine and now that I’m reducing the dosage of my anxiety medication, it’s more important than ever. It always seems to send my anxiety over the edge. Thanks for the great article!

  6. Ashleigj Jul 4, 2018

    This was a good read. Trying not to fall apart dealing with divorce, dometic violence, dysfunctional family and narc mother. My anxiety has been full on since a kid and i grew up and basically fell into every trap i could. Im finally healing anf trying to truly get to the root of things. I wish more people would understand anxiety.

    • The content laid out in my program, videos, and podcast are more than you need to get to a better place. Most won’t understand because they can’t, they’ve never been through real anxiety. This doesn’t mean there’s no hope. there’s plenty.

  7. I do take over the counter stuff but not everyday I am slowly getting better