TAGP 166: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – How To Overcome Performance Anxiety

December 27, 2018

“Our Greatest Weapon Against Stress Is Our Ability To Choose One Thought Over Another.” – William James

How to overcome performance anxiety? It’s a question that lingers within every man, woman, and child who has to stand in front of a crowd to present, answer a question in front of an audience, play a competitive sport and much more. Performance anxiety isn’t just for the elite athletes and actors anymore, it’s a challenge for everyone due to the increased demands we and others are placing upon us.

The fight, flight, or freeze response embedded into each and every one of us is highly sensitive to performing. One man or woman who decides to step out of his/her comfort zone and invites some guests over could easily find themselves fighting off bodily symptoms of anxiety. Their thoughts my jump from one catastrophic possibility to the next, and they find themselves asking ‘when is this going to be done!’

When we’re talking about how to overcome performance anxiety, many times we’re talking about the pressures we misinterpret coming from the outside world

I want to open up your eyes to a brand new perspective today. One that will get you to begin questioning your own perceptions, even your past as a child, and your future events you may encounter. One new realization that’s put to action can change the outcome of of a persons entire future. All of a sudden what was sensitizing before becomes a neutral thing emotionally. Through CBT based practices we can alter these limiting thoughts and behaviours much quicker than one thinks.

In today’s episode of the Ask The Anxiety Guy Show I’ll be discussing:

  • How to overcome performance anxiety in 3 powerful steps
  • What the real reasons are behind suffering from performance anxiety
  • Why the cycle of performance anxiety shows no let up for so many

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