TAGP 167: Top 10 Steps To Becoming More Than Anxiety In 2019

December 31, 2018

“Becoming More Than Anxiety Means To Take Your Setbacks In 2018, And Extract The Lessons For 2019.”

I’m sure you’re already getting your dopamine fix just by thinking about all the positive changes you’re going to make in 2019. But haven’t you done this in previous years? You’ve dedicated yourself to your change work, you’ve dabbled with the idea of becoming more than anxiety, only to fall right back on your butt?

My question is, why will this time be different? Which patterns can you recognize right now that have led you to failing in previous years. I can tell you one, and that’s to understand that there is no failure only feedback. To become more than anxiety the largest chunk of the work is in your ability to re-shape your perspectives.

Momentum Is Everything! No Momentum, No Progress. No Progress, Same Anxious Identity.

The 10 steps in today’s podcast episode is your guide based on sound CBT teachings for anxiety. They’ve worked for me, they’ve worked for others, and now it’s time they worked for you. But remember, resistance to change is a necessary process we all have to go through. It will be there, so invite it in but don’t give it the emotional attention it seeks.

Any time your past wants to catch up with you it’s your job to guide your inner self. It’s like a child’s mind vs an adult’s mind. One lives in the past fearful of becoming more than anxiety, and moving forward. The other utilizes his/her great life experiences and teachings, and lives a life he or she is proud of.

In today’s the anxiety guy podcast episode I’m going through:

  • Practical steps to become more than anxiety
  • Knowledge that will help you see your challenging 2018 differently
  • The right mindset to making 2019 the best year of your life, free from emotional distress

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