TAGP 38: How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Beat Anxiety

November 14, 2016

How the law of attraction can help you overcome anxiety“The True Law Of Attraction: You Get In Life What You Have The Courage To Ask For, And Act On.”

In episode #38 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we’re looking at using the law of attraction to beat anxiety. The law of attraction is confusing to many. Also, many people including myself back in my debilitating days with health anxiety (my health anxiety story in this YouTube video), believe that it works against us in so many ways. So what is it? How can we use this law to move our lives forward?

To use the law of attraction to beat anxiety you have to first understand the law properly

The law of attraction in the popular movie The Secret stated that when we think, believe, and expect something to happen it will manifest. I fell in love with this idea during my days with an anxiety disorder. But the law backfired. I found myself on the receiving end, and every time one of my core beliefs from my subconscious mind popped it’s head up, I got scared.

I Did My Best To Try And Delete These Fearful And Negative Thoughts From My Life, With No Success.

With the 3 stages of the law of attraction fresh in my mind, I knew I was attracting bad feelings and experiences into my life. I beat myself up for having these thoughts, and feeling this way. Soon I was more of a mess than before I learned about the law of attraction. I knew that a deeper understanding as well as CBT for anxiety needed to be adopted into my life.

But Today I Will Show You How Not To Make The Same Mistakes I Did Through This Episode.

In episode #38 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast you’ll be learning about:

  • How some people seem to always bring good experiences into their lives no matter what
  • Where to get started on using the law of attraction to beat anxiety
  • The ways you can use the law of attraction in all aspects of your life starting today

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3 comments on “TAGP 38: How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Beat Anxiety

  1. domenico.dipierro Nov 14, 2016

    That’s correct. Unfortunately wishes are coming through only when you are in a certain position on a tone scale. If you are in fear, very difficult to get that dreams through. That’s correct the issue has to be solved and you need to come up to a certain level on the tone scale. Enthusiasm would be the best emotion. Somehow we need to force to smile and laugh and do all possible to get up there where things start to get easier and less effort and wishes comes through.

  2. mogammed Nov 15, 2016

    nice podcast dennis.. abour law of attraction and unconsious mind taking over our life.. i want ask about ou point if view… whenever i want buy a car .. my mind starts playing movie .he says tht some day i will not take my anxiety any more then i will resign from my job then ill put my self on debt if i want to buy a car and nobody can help me.. my body starts to numb . dizzy fear comes whenever i want think of buying a car for 2 years.. and same happen if i want to travell ..mind playing good movie showing me ill pass out or die at any mintue if im in plane or even reach the other country .. so is the law of attraction doing these things and how can i reverse it . i can still do some things with presents of fear but like buying a car as i said horrer movie cannot change it untill now