TAGP 39: 5 Powerful Ways To Start Overcoming Your Fears & Panic Attacks

November 21, 2016

dealing with fear and panic attacks

“When I Am Silent, I Have Thunder Hidden Inside Me!”

Imagine if you knew exactly where your fears came from. Now Imagine that you had the tools to recognize when fear rises. Catching the patterns that leads to your panic attacks. That is exactly the direction we’re headed in episode #39 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast.

So many of us try to change our environment, change our behaviors, or alter our skills and abilities in order to stop fear and panic attacks. But we don’t recognize that:

Our Fearful Patterns That Create Panic Attacks Are Running At An Unconscious Level

There are many laws in our world that run our behaviors and create our physical reality (Next Weeks Episode Will Introduce Them All To You, So Subscribe For An Update!). But the one law I want you to understand very well, is the law of substitution. The law of substitution points out the idea that someone cannot just make themselves stop thinking of something in their lives. In order for us to reprogram our subconscious minds, we need to substitute a thought that we don’t want, with one that we do want.

This Law Is Life Changing, And You Can Use It For Any Aspect Of Your Life

While your mind is now contemplating this idea, let’s get into the 3 powerful ideas you will learn in this podcast episode:

  •  What magical worry is, and how it creates your panic attacks
  • How to begin mirroring someone you look up to to begin changing how you feel now
  • The main reason you experience panic attacks that you are not aware of right now

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6 comments on “TAGP 39: 5 Powerful Ways To Start Overcoming Your Fears & Panic Attacks

  1. mogammed Nov 21, 2016

    great podcast dennis.. so wht is systematic desensitization technique gor avoidence… for me if o want buy a car i get high anxieyu my mind races giving worst senario tht i will resign from my job and put my self on debt and cannot pay off .. and whenevrr i travel also.. besides fear and physical symptoms is 24 hpurs present in my day but un levels .. some time i push my self to do things like hoing out to club or anyehere and doing it even i dont feel cimfortable as u said ..i do it even if iam afrsid of losing control ir faint bcz wht i have is v high anxiety . si tell me about it systematic desnsitization thx

    • Mogammed the end the anxiety program goes deep in detail as far as systematic desensitization. If you need anymore info on the program let me know. Be well.

      • mogammed Nov 24, 2016

        hii dennis yes i need to know more about the programe rell me how do i get it … but i think its v simple just needs willing and patience .. maybe as i know its keep focusing out ward as much as i can and ignore the symptoms and not to predict the worst but the simple causes to any symptoms . but i realy do want knkw about the programe and how i get it

        • This page on the program will give you all the information you need about the CBT based end the anxiety program. The nice thing about the program is that you have continuous accountability through our team, so it’s a great way to keep you on track towards your goals. Looking forward to working with you towards your recovery my friend.

  2. Sharon Carton Sep 24, 2018

    I would like info on systematic desensitization please.

    • Hi Sharon. Systematic desensitization is a hierarchy, or ladder that within it has the least feared experience, situation, thing to the most feared. As someone spends the time at the bottom of the ladder, eventually shifting the way they perceive that fear, the next on on the ladder becomes that much easier to interpret differently as well. You would continue up the ladder until your largest challenges becomes more of a neutral emotional response. My program goes deeper into this: https://theanxietyguy.com/my-program/