TAGP 37: Why Fear And Worry Continue To Control You Daily

November 7, 2016

dealing with fear and worryOur subconscious mind has two main duties:

To keep us happy, or to keep us safe. When it has to pick from keeping us happy or safe, it always will pick keeping us safe and out of danger. Many times though for people with chronic fear and worry that turns into full blown health anxiety, and our warning bells of imminent danger go off for no reason at all.

I don’t know about you, but I hate when people us the term ‘mental illness.’ The idea that this fear response has been practiced so many times in situations that don’t justify it going off, and thinking our feelings are actually real facts, doesn’t mean we have an illness.

I Like To Call It A Temporary State Of Wrongful Programming ūüôā

As a CBT Practitioner who’s passionate about helping people understand where their fear and worry comes from, many get stuck in a negative pattern. Stuck and thinking that this is all there is. Life is just a permanent state of one cautious situation after another.

If only people with chronic fear and worry understood what there Negative Automatic Thoughts (NATS) we’re, and where the came from, they would be able to catch them. After catching them they could investigate the evidence that supports the belief, and finally they could replace it with a new empowering evidence based belief.

In episode #37 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast let’s dive deep into:

  • How chronic fear and worry manifested into your life
  • why you can’t get UN-stuck from your condition
  • Why others look so calm, and accepting when difficult situations present themselves, and how you can do the same

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5 comments on “TAGP 37: Why Fear And Worry Continue To Control You Daily

  1. mohammed Nov 7, 2016

    hi dennis… yah u are right we all tried cbt for anxiety abd fear and we say it didnt work.. for me i never done cbt ..but since i started watching u podcasts and read dr weeks book…i knew its only solution for anxiety and it needs alot of effort and work.. not letting u subconcious mind control u life if we follow it ..it will keep us in same cycle.. i have friend whi been in anxiety he took medication twice in his life ..he told me to take to make me feel comfortable i said no i tried medication it helped for short time later destroyed my life .. so only way is the hard work and more effort to eleminate anxiety fron life . i been having lots of setbacks but i belive its the only way of recovery

    • I’m sorry to hear about your setbacks Mohammed. I am with you every step of the way.

      • mohammed Nov 8, 2016

        thx v much dennis.. u been to setback other been through . wht to do . if i want to recover its the only way.. bettre than medication and side effects .. i feel im getting worse .maybe its justva feeling i dont kniw. all i know im always afraid bcz feeling dizzy chest pa8n jelly legs and sometime feel comes by itself . i know its sensitization and takes time to calm down and it depends on the way of how i react to anxiety .

  2. Britanica Nov 11, 2016

    I have never heard of NATs and I have been having issues with anxiety since I was in my teens. I can not tell you how much I appreciate you approaching this in a manner of self help and no prescription drugs. I don’t always have panic attacks but I get those as well and they are hell. I know I have learned this behavior and until I can “unlearn” it and replace it with something better, it will keep happening.

    • I feel like you are most definitely on the right track. Enjoy the program also, looking forward to your natural success stories very soon.