TAGP 24: The Mental Mistakes That You Must Stop Making Now

August 8, 2016

mental mistakes we all makeWe are all programmed. Some of us programmed for success, freedom, fearlessness and positivity. Some for negativity, chronic worry, anxiety and relentless fear. But some are also programmed for neutrality, to see everything in a calm and natural state. In episode #24 of The Anxiety Guy podcast I touch on these mental mistakes that are causing your pain and tension on a daily basis.

By becoming aware of these mental mistakes, by recognizing how they are causing you to think and believe what you deep down don’t want to, and understanding how they are draining you emotionally, you’ll have  deeper understanding of you as a person.

When this 3 step process is undertaken you can begin becoming more conscious. Being more conscious means living less in a constant state of reaction and fear. Remember that this process is never a destination, but always a journey. This journey should be accepted and loved, because it is called life.

‘Some people are born, constantly work for someone else, raise a family, and die. Never truly grasping the idea that they are far more than what their life current is.’

This is not you though, You’re on The Anxiety Guy page because you want more. You believe you deserve more, and through this podcast will develop into more. This is what I believe for you, now it’s your turn to believe it for yourself!

What you’ll learn  in this episode:

  • Why these mental health myths exist
  • What you must do to start changing your beliefs
  • How to help others get on the path to recovery from anxiety

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8 comments on “TAGP 24: The Mental Mistakes That You Must Stop Making Now

  1. mohammed Aug 12, 2016

    v nice postcad… yes dennis,, im realy inspired… but i dont know whts going on with me ,, i been doing great ,all of sudden constant anxiety and constant fear are overwhelming me ,, racing thoughts while i sleep telling me its over stay home dont go out ,,resigne confide on u self ,, i have fear paralyzing me ,, in my room in bathroom out side more i get .. i dont know ive done lots of achievments but now im afraid to go out aftraid when in my room watching tv .. i feel im going to die at any minute 24 hours daily.. wht went wrong i dont know , symptoms are changing anything i feel i get afraid ,, depersonalisation is getting worse depression ,, i feel despair as the anxiety won, im afraid to take medicine i tried before lots side effects and all symptoms came back strongely .. i been forcing my self to go out doing activities fears and fear of death is accompanined with me very scary symptoms i havein my body i feel tht its my end over for me .. i know u been in this state how did u deal when the anxiety was in the worste senario thx denneis

    • In a nutshell Mohammed I let my symptoms of anxiety do its worst, instead of trying to fight in. The more we fight and worry about what if, the more adrenaline and fear kick in and cause further mental and physical pain.

      • mohammed Aug 12, 2016

        Yes just like dr claier when she said bewilderment and fighiting cause more adrenaline cycle u got point dennis thx for put this into my considration

        • Hope and help for your nerves is definitely the #1 book for health anxiety sufferers. I’ll do a review on it soon also Mohammed.

          • mohammed Aug 13, 2016

            Thanks so much for u concern . I ordered hope and help ill recive it in 3 days i hope ill get some usefull information from it. Ill be waiting for u new podcast patienly thx do much

          • You’ll love the book and get plenty out of it, let me know how it goes.

  2. mohammed Aug 14, 2016

    Thx v much dennis i will let u know how it goes when i have finished the book..ive done lots of good things today hanging out with friend… shooting range. High anxiety and fear i was having but i made it feel happy did many things today thx v much