TAGP 23: 5 Mental Health Myths You Must Stop Believing Now

August 1, 2016
mental health myths

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In episode #23 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we take a look at the 5 mental health myths you believe, that are causing you more pain. Not the physical kind, but mental and emotional anguish. By re-conditioning a new set of thoughts and beliefs towards these mental health myths, you begin setting yourself free from worry.

Like anything else that may be important in our lives that we spend time doing, change takes time.

Understanding these mental health myths comes first. Understand and check to see what you believe when it comes to each myth. You might find that you feel quite strongly towards one or more of them.

You may also feel like you justify some of these myths when you talk to other people. Understand that these myths are not true, and they don’t make up your identity.

Anxiety is not your real identity, so time to understand these crazy mental health myths that so many of us believe

So you must stop talking to yourself like it is. Stop talking to others like it is as well. Change begins and ends with you and that’s the truth. If you want to live a worry and anxiety free life, you must first begin noticing the habits that are causing you to feel more fear and worry.

Once that is in place and you understand where the root of your mental health issues lie, you can begin chipping away daily to change the path that you are currently on. To give you an example; I suffered for over 6 years with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder and Health Anxiety. It took me a good 3 months of natural, intense discipline before I started to see change happen in my life.

If I can do it so can you, and that is what The Anxiety Guy Podcast is all about. Turning you into the person you were meant to be on this planet, and begin helming others on the way.

What you’ll learn  in this episode:

  • Why these mental health myths exist
  • What you must do to start changing your beliefs
  • How to help others get on the path to recovery from anxiety

A new episode of this podcast is done every Monday, so make sure to get your updates through one of the ways below. Also, if you have any questions that need answering from someone who’s been in your anxious shoes, don’t hesitate to send me an email.



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4 comments on “TAGP 23: 5 Mental Health Myths You Must Stop Believing Now

  1. mohammed Aug 6, 2016

    hii denns v nice and realy facts matter we do belive.. i have 2 of them which i will stay for the rest of my life like this. and wht people think. just 2 question ….first about fear …the more i push my self out going to work hanging out with friends the more anxiety is developed.. 3 years i been trying to disinterest in my symptoms .one i ignore it next time i get affected by symptoms and fear… why its going stronger .my mind should be progrmmed tht theres no danger for r years im doing my best .. fears occurs and scary like im inside dark hole .. second i get feel of crying while im in bed trying to sleep.. and when i wake up so feel to cry . i dont cry i try to convince my self its only chemicals in mind makes tht .. my question should i cry….or hide it.. is crying means im releasing anxiety or if i kept it inside me telling my self there is no reason to cry its only anxiety manifest in these emotions like other emothions ..i remmber i cryied last year i didnt frel relife on contrary i felt weak and surrended to anxiety.. so tht why i dont cry when i feel so .. its like i become despsair.. fist wuestion wht i do with fear shall i float with it not trying to distract or fight it.. and second about crying shall i cry or not .. third.. why the more i go out and succes by the end of the day next day i get the same feeling again more fear even more sensation .. thx

    • Yes! For years after my anxiety disorder I regretted not crying more. It does release tension and anxiety and every chance you get you should let some tears out Mohammed without feeling guilty. The thing is that you must stop thinking and talking like a victim, anxiety isn’t your identity, but by repeating it to yourself and others constantly you;re only fueling more fear and pain. Fear is in all of us so a ‘ride the wave’ attitude would work. Running from fear is something anxious people do and must flip around. When fear strikes now I move towards it, even though every ounce of me says not to. This builds confidence, builds positivity and releases tension. Your success should be determined by the small wins you make on a daily basis, so as long as you keep challenging yourself into uncomfortable situations, and succeeding, the more small wins you’re building. I bet you’ve had a ton of small wins in the past month, remember those and not the setbacks.

      • mohammed Aug 7, 2016

        Thx vvv much for inspiring words.. of caurse i done lots of wins .. but i think whenever i acheive many things per day i feel happy next day fear and anxiety strikes i get frustrated..maybe i thought next day i would be free of anxiety ..but when it comes back i feel i did nothing.. i will whenwver i had chance to cry ill do it without feeling gulit or weak and ill carry on my acheivment .. as long as u beat the anxiety and others did ..so do i i can beat it .. thx vvv much