TAGP 27: 5 Ways Anxiety Sufferers Can Live Happier, Healthier, And Longer

August 29, 2016

anxiety sufferers podcast on iTunesThe most powerful episode of The Anxiety Guy podcast to date brings you the top 5 ways for anxiety sufferers to live a happier, healthier, and longer life. For most of you out there who consistently listen to the podcast weekly, health anxiety is a huge problem. At the moment you may feel like life simply won’t get better.

This Is A Huge Concern For Me!

Reason being, I understand where you’re coming from. I was in that debilitating state for years, not seeing a way out. I tired everything, and it seemed like nothing worked or was going to work. But life had a funny way of working itself out for me, and will do for you. Today, I thank the world for my old anxious state. Because I can begin teaching people like you how to turn things around not in years, months, or weeks, but starting today.

During my anxiety disorder a few years back my imagination ran wild. I began thinking to myself, why was I worrying about so many things that never really came true in my life? Why didn’t I just give up some control, and accept what might be. It was hard, but acceptance was key. I remember an amazing inspirational quote back then and it went;

“The Best Way To Change The World, Is To Change Yourself”

Boy was it true. I believed then and now that we’re all put on this planet to help each other grow. Top inspire each other through our personal experiences and skills. But I could do very little for other anxiety sufferers, until I first took care of my own fears and sensitivity.

3 Things You’ll Be Learning From This Episode Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast Are:

  • The real root issue for why you’re not happy right now
  • What your health actually looks like at the moment
  • The simplest path to getting the life you truly want starting today

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9 comments on “TAGP 27: 5 Ways Anxiety Sufferers Can Live Happier, Healthier, And Longer

  1. mohamed Aug 30, 2016

    hi my friend dennis .. first thanks for nice podcast .. realy we have to apply those 5 steps to bring our life back as before and bettre. second i told u i was going to travel to bosnia .. from kuwait to bosnai.. well my anxiety realy has gotten very worse new symptoms occured.. if u could enlight me … they are complete numbness in legs like paralysed lasts for houres… feeling like im in a boat unsteady even when i go to bed i feel like im going up or decending .. strange feeling in chest and acute chest pain .. heat in body legs arms . feel to vomit . string racing heart and sweat at night.. and plenty of fear emotions somestimes last for hours then it get down .. then i think its depersonalisation .. i feel when all these symptoms subside i feel like im not whi am i .. is it realy me.. i had to remmber events in past ti make sure im who am i.. it been 5 days now . ill tell u i go with my brother everywhere i never complain i went to mountains waterfalls everywhere but with strong fear strong physical anxiety symptoms i had to call my friends they startef to calm me down telling me it only subconsious playing tricks and thinks u are in danger thts it and never belive. i get on continue going out . i got more 4 days with my travel.. . tell me im i doing good . i know im not accepting bcz i still scared not convinced untill now is anxiety bcz symptoms been shifting in many shapes.. but im going out never said no.. but fear is overwhelmed me.. i know im not doing baby steps i jumped up . shoud been baby steps.. but untill now nobody i made it .. not accepting anxiey but i challnged my mind which was trying to made me cancel the trip.. well first about the mew symptoms tht im having is it normal … and whrs u recommendation …last thing i dont know why people keep telling me u look lier i dont look like i have anxiety they say u face doest look like u have anxiety u look very normal.. they dont kniw im controling . so tht tge life goes on ..by showing my realy face i will look misrable .dead man walikng .. crying all time . but itry to live every minte bcz life is tooooo short.. hope u will enlight me dennis i always listen to u tips thnx my friend

    • Yes we all at some point show our mask, but hide the inner truth which is pain and anxiety. Acceptance is everything and you must begin accepting that some things you have no control over. Recovery from anxiety from me began when I began giving up trying to control everything, like my symptoms and how I was feeling. I said its it kills me, so be it. I’m going to begin living my life and turn this monster into a simple annoying fly that wants my attention. Respecting the symptoms is what makes it grow, remember this.

      • mohamed Aug 31, 2016

        yes .. ill start doing wht u suggested .. ill let the overwhemning fear with physical symptoms to be there ..bcz i cannot control it its nervous system ..ill tell if i was alone i wouldnt continue my journey. but bcz my brother with me i can tolerate it… i know he doesnt know anything about my condition ..and i feel shy and i dont want to look weak infront of him espically my brother in not supportive .. but thx god i have friends i called then thy encourging me and reminding me always its only my mind playing tricks..u know dennis when fear comes it paralyse u.. i hope one day im the one who talk to himself and calm my self down not always asking for others to do it for me.. thx dennis for replying and thx for u tips and encouregment

  2. mohamed Sep 3, 2016

    hi dennis .. i need your advise about something… u know im still outside my country tomorow ill be back .. well yesterday i was having to start flu or cold.. i feel shaky sore throat nose blocked.. wht happend when i get these phydical symptoms of flu i dont know why i get more scared. i have intense fear .i know its only flu but its like my mind is scaring me ..i know anxiety makes anything small big… i become paralyzed i coudnt even go to looby vvv scared.. in my case wht tips would u recommend thc

    • Start boosting your immune system, and understand that chronic anxiety can make someone feel like they have the flu constantly. You have total control over your mind even though you may think you don’t. Believe you are just going through a temporary state, and you’ll be fine.

      • mohamed Sep 4, 2016

        thx alot.. i slept all the day ..i dont know whether its anxiety or flu.. but i think it was flu bcz i felt high tepreture feeling vomit.. shaky block nose.. tired . i think anxiety and flu had got mix together .. ill will start boost my immune systen i must putvmy self on nuitruisuos system .. one more think i kept calling my friends when my anxiety got worse do u think it means tht i shouldnt have done it and it will slow my recovery brcz i had to depend on my self . wht to to do somethines anxiety is untolerable . thx dennis

  3. sarah evanston Sep 14, 2016

    I was reading an article recently that people who suffer from anxiety do live shorter lives and that really had me worried to the point that my anxiety actually got worse! Your 5 ways to live longer, healthier and happier are my new mantra! Is the simplest path to happiness the best one, or is it the best one right now?