TAGP 114: The Process Towards A ‘Mental’ Problem

April 30, 2018

“The Hardest Part Of Recovery Is When You’re Not Sure You Want To Recover.”

Some people find clarity and recovery through the first line of treatments today, but a large majority open up a whole new world of problems for themselves. In this podcast episode we’ll be diving deep into the process towards what we think in today’s world is a mental problem, when in fact it’s much more that just that.

If Anxiety Was Solely A Mental Problem The Conscious Mind Would Have Dealt With It By Now.

The subconscious mind holds the key to freedom. It is the storage bank of the mind as well as the body. Yes, you heard that right the body as well. Trapped emotions are stored inside a persons body mirroring the emotionally traumatic experiences that led to their sensitivity. This manifests into symptoms and signals from the storage bank many times on a daily basis.

As we misinterpret these subconscious signals we believe the symptoms are a physical ailment of some sort. Many times it’s just a memory that needs tweaking.

The biggest problem with the label of having a mental problem after a doctors visit is we can now share this title/label with others around us. We prove to ourselves and others that we aren’t crazy or losing it, and put our complete fate into the hands of a pill or therapist.

The road back to self worth and accountability becomes an uphill climb.

As the results we expected don’t get met in the time frame we allowed, we grow more and more impatient in our recovery towards our desired state. Our search for a cure in the external world grows frantic and progress becomes little. We can change this through self-awareness and a CBT based system that holds a person fully accountable.

In episode #114 of the anxiety guy podcast we’re moving towards:what is a mental problem

  • A new way of seeing our internal challenges
  • Why anxiety recovery can be such a challenge these days
  • The reason so many of your close friends/family just don’t understand

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3 comments on “TAGP 114: The Process Towards A ‘Mental’ Problem

  1. Michael Apr 30, 2018

    Hi Dennis
    Thank you your poscast very motovational I will be applying this to my life.
    My last 12 days have been very productive in facing upto Anxiety. I successfully climbed a mountain to the summit 850 meters with my work colleuges. This to me was massive as a mountain was the location of my first panic attack. In addition I took 4 flights 1 with work and 3 on a family holiday to Spain.
    Yes daffy duck came with me and while i went through peroids of intense symptoms and fear i was able to apply what i have learned though your podcasts and get through it to actually enjoy it. At lot more work to do but we are all more than anxiety there is a wonderful world out there to enjoy. Thanks Dennis

  2. mohanned May 1, 2018

    hi dennis.. v good things u have said.. ill start from now to apply it ..im having v bad setbacks for 2 days bcz i undergone to colon endoscapy just checking up as precaution…thx god result was good. before i went i was panicky scared of injection scared of eberything . u know im in sensitized status normal tht.. after finishing endoscopy my heart starts beating vvv fast went to doctor.. my anxiety has gotten worst and become scared to go out for 2 days.. then the doctor told my fast heart beat was bcz substance was added to injecting tht made my heart faster its nirmsl.. but i developed more panic for 2 days.. i hope it will subside .. i think wht have u said now in u podcast wilp help me out to find out wht keeps me panic.. i leardy know .the way i was grew up was with fear by my parents and my father was phobiac ..mom always making things bigger.. and lack of self confidence 3 things.. i need to take each one of them on a side and find away to resolve it.. brttre than checking my pulse my bp and visiting doctors that will take me nowhere thx dennis u are our guidense