TAGP 116: Saying Goodbye To Anxiety And Perfectionism

May 14, 2018

“Anxiety And Perfectionism Is Self Abuse Of The Highest Order.”

Perfectionists focus so much more on their flaws over their assets. This is a problem because it breeds anxiety, and strengthens core beliefs that were engrained into them through their childhood and adolescent years.

Perfectionism is very much a cover up, an effort to gain control and power back from a childhood that was out of control

The perfectionist thinks that the more perfect they try and be, the more worthy they will feel. In reality the constant striving for perfectionism leads towards a path of unattainable ends, leaving the person fighting an uphill battle with anxiety on a daily basis.

For many perfectionists today, psychological maltreatment (concerted attack by an adult towards the development of a child’s sense of self and social competence) was ever-present during the early days of their lives. This paved the way for a self esteem and self worth that was below what was necessary to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Childhood emotional abuse can feel like it’s physical even though no hand was ever raised

As a perfectionist myself for many years, I thought my extremely high standards for my life and expectations were the way life had to be (until CBT practices were applied to my anxiety). I had to shoot for making each detail perfect, and give 120 percent in all my affairs thinking this would give way for a result that pleased me (and more-so my ego mind).

I realized that I was literally turning into a control freak which left me unhealthy in every sense of the word

In episode #116 of the anxiety guy podcast we’re looking into:anxiety and perfectionism

  • Where anxiety and perfectionism began for a person
  • How core beliefs shape a persons reality
  • The real reason why anxiety and perfectionism is taking over more lives by the day

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2 comments on “TAGP 116: Saying Goodbye To Anxiety And Perfectionism

  1. Michael Graham May 14, 2018

    Hi Dennis
    Thank you for the podcast related a lot to me. Prior to my panic attacks I was living in that world of perfectionism, if things had not going exactly the way my brain had planned I would have been putting myself down as a failure. I had not realised by doing this my mind had become so closed I had lost perspective in life. On the road to recovery with your help I am learning I am learning to drop perfectionism it’s not the real me and takes away from the person I really am. I am relearning how to become more flexible and adaptable, take in the surroundings and rediscovering my inner ambition and drive that had kind of sneakily slipped away in last 19 months. Yes its taking time to rewire the brain but persistent constant work with realisation that perfectionism is a lie I will get there to the real happy anxiety free me.