TAGP 113: Why Parts Of You Must Die Before You Become Anxiety Free

April 23, 2018

“Don’t Worry About Dying, Worry About Not Living.”

Someone once told me ‘Dennis, you could be waiting for a day that won’t come,’ and it was the most important words I needed to hear. For years I carried around my past decisions, memories, beliefs, identity, all the things that made me who I was without realizing how much this bag of stuff was weighing me down in life.

I knew that a large part of me had to die, if I wanted to get to a better place in my life and be anxiety free!

I had to let go of the bag. I had to accept what needed to be accepted from my past and express what needed to be expressed. I needed to understand that my memories didn’t define who I was and didn’t control my future. I became conscious and self aware, and my life changed.

This bag of past stuff can weigh a person down so heavily that getting through the day may seem like a marathon. We do all we can to stuff our anxiety symptoms aside, hide our depression from others, and become what we think will be acceptable to others all the while looking for solutions to become anxiety free.

Little do we realize though that we’re looking around the corner that will lead to massive change, but we’re too fearful to take that final step

This episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast will show you that you are not your bag, you are who you choose to be and what you consistently do from here on out. It’s a choice, and in that choice resides your greatest piece of freedom. There lies your purpose and mission on this planet and your greatest source of happiness.

In this episode we’ll be looking at these key points:how to become anxiety free

  • Why it’s so scary to let go of what we believe in
  • How our bag of memories, decisions, values, beliefs, identities weigh us down
  • What life will look like after the bag is gone and you are anxiety free

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One comment on “TAGP 113: Why Parts Of You Must Die Before You Become Anxiety Free

  1. I listened to you for the first time today. I have anxiety so bad. I think I always had it but the last two years are stealing my life. I had two open heart surgies within the last two years. Which it was successful and dr say I can return to a normal life. But I cannot receive it in my head that everyday is my day to die. The medicine I take is gonna kill me. The food I eat is gonna kill me. If I have this pain or feeling it’s a sign of I’m dying. If my heart gets that way again I’m gonna die. I have taken benzodiazepines but have been off for a few months but yesterday I have to take one to feel better but it was short lived. My stomach is in knots and gassy. I’m duzzy. I’m tired my sleeping is horrid. Can you help me. I know I deserve better than this. Thank you