How To Overcome Depression Naturally

May 13, 2016

To overcome depression is to bring mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance back into your life. Unfortunately, the number of people suffering from depression is on the constant rise. The stressful way of life is the most common cause of chronic depression, and the usual treatment of such an issue is related to all kinds of prescriptions and antidepressant medications.

However, many surveys show that they produce more trouble than positive aspects, and that is why more and more people who are trying to overcome depression are turning to alternative ways of dealing with it. Luckily, there are many natural but highly efficient ways of overcoming this state of mind and here are some of the best.

Escape Your Routineovercome depression natural ways

Being stuck in a routine can bring along depression. Many people, whose days reduce to performing the same activities, become depressed, and all they need to do, is to get out of the rut. For instance, you may get a day off from work and do something for yourself. Go on a picnic with a dear friend and explore the unknown areas of your city. The thing is, you just need to allow yourself a bit of the unexpected and a whiff of an adventure.

You may even go out to dinner on a Monday evening when you are certainly not supposed to be dining there. Make a change in your clothing, for example. These are the things that will undoubtedly get you think differently, and most importantly, they will reduce if not eliminate your depression completely.

Don’t Go Hard On Yourself

For a start, you have to understand that sometimes the things are not so bright. However, at the end of each tunnel, there is always light. That’s the sentence you need to have in mind when you see that everything goes in the direction you did not expect at all. Like every other human, you make mistakes, so try not to go hard on yourself each time you make a slip. Hence, if you come to a situation where you start criticising yourself, try to calm down and replace the negative thoughts with the ones saying ‘I am doing the best I know and can, once I comprehend a better way of doing things, I will do them differently.’

Get Physical Exercise

When you start working out, both your body and mind will get multiple benefits.  For a start, you will get out of your sanctuary and face the world. Also, physical activities will improve your circulation and intake of essential materials into your brain. It will also eliminate all toxins and metabolic debris that prevent your brain’s normal functioning, which helps greatly to overcome depression naturally. Outdoor exercise is particularly recommended since it is more efficient and healthy than the indoor one.

Meditationtips to overcome depression naturally

People who practice meditation regularly are more resilient to all kinds of psychological illnesses. And even those patients who are already suffering from depression tend to overcome their problems faster and easier than those who don’t meditate. Meditation is an exercise for your mind and it will help you recover in many different ways. It will increase levels of serotonin which is sometimes called “the happiness molecule”, and on the other side, it will reduce levels of cortisol – the stress hormone.

Meditation will also suppress your brain inflammation which is usually connected to depression. Also, you don’t have to use only one kind of meditation, on the contrary, self-hypnosis, yoga, breathing exercises, autogenic training, and acupuncture, are all efficient in fighting depression.

Gratitude Is the Key

To overcome depression you need to see things from a whole another perspective and realising that not everything in life is coloured in black. For that reason, you should start developing a feeling of gratitude. Once you learn how to be thankful for the things you have, you will surely be a happier person. Hence, the more grateful you are, the less depressed you will be.

If you really want to overcome depression in a natural way, you can take a paper and a pen and jot down all the things you are grateful for in your life. Start with the basic things, like being healthy and having a roof over your head. Every day should be reserved for at least one thing you are grateful for. In this way, your list will only broaden, and you will become a happy, depressionless person.

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11 comments on “How To Overcome Depression Naturally

  1. Cheska J May 15, 2016

    I like how you pointed out that gratitude is key, sometimes it’s the mind who has most control when it’s hard to change the environment you’re in. I believe life is all about perspective, and it’s up to us how we think through the challenges we face in our lives. It may be a hard battle to face, but getting through it only makes you stronger. 🙂

  2. Danny Turner May 23, 2016

    I think one of the hardest things is not being hard on yourself. For someone that has social anxiety and depression, not to mention a poor self image, that is one of the hardest things to deal with.

  3. Fernando Brafford May 23, 2016

    I have been trying very hard to get the world not to look “black” to me, but that is not something that is easy. I have read books, watched videos on YouTube and just asked friends how they do it. Nothing seems to work. What would be the next recommended step?

  4. Agree with all the topics covered. I just wanted also to emphasize that depression isn’t just an “emotional” state but it’s also a physical state and a spiritual one too. I hope someday that stigma that depressed people are just looking for “drama” will be erased. Thanks for your insights. I also made a blog post about this topic at

  5. Here are 8 ways to control and overcome your depression through lifestyle choices:
    1. Eat Healthy
    2. Work Out Every Day
    3. Get The Right Amount of Sleep
    4. Friendships
    5. Write Down Your Goals
    6. Stop the Negative Self-Talk
    7. Meditation
    8. Travel