TAGP 261: The #1 Anxiety Breathing Technique You Must Begin Today

October 12, 2020

anxiety breathing technique

When it comes to an anxiety breathing technique this colour breathing process beats all. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it works around a language our subconscious minds and bodies understand which is colour. Since colour was our first language out of the womb the associations we have to colour are vitally important to become aware of.

An anxiety breathing technique that works at the deeper levels.

You can use this specific skill set anytime, anywhere. The key is to understand that it takes around 50 repetitions to embed an idea into the subconscious mind. With this understanding you are free to take this technique with you throughout the day which means you don’t have to do it all in one go.

Our breathing patterns dictate our perceptual filters. So when the depth of our breathing rhythms change what was once a threat begins turning into something neutral instead. As mentioned, combining anxiety breathing exercises with colour greatly enhances our ability to see things as they are and not worse than what they are.

anxiety breathing technique

Stick to these kinds of practices daily for massive growth.

The end goal is to feel a sense of inner mental and emotional maturity. No longer are we living by the same beliefs as our parents and authority figures, rather we’re making creating our own now. Many generations of anxiety have the opportunity to become halted through you and the inner work you’re doing, what a realization!

This particular anxiety breathing technique will generate beautiful epiphanies when you least expect them. Stay open hearted towards them rather than look towards critical thinking for further understanding. Soon you will trust in life, trust in you, and trust in the things you’re doing for yourself.

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