TAGP 156: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – How To Overcome Low Self Confidence Due To Anxiety

November 22, 2018

“Having A Low Opinion Of Yourself Is Not Modesty, It’s Self-Destruction.” – Bobby Sommer

This week on the Ask The Anxiety Guy Show I’m taking one question, and one question only. The question that was asked by Tabitha White was so important, and needed such attention and clarity that I felt like we needed our focus to turn to it solely. And what a common challenge for so many anxiety sufferers today, to lose all inner confidence and to view the world through the eyes of such a limited identity.

You’re Not Alone In The Journey Towards Overcoming Low Self Confidence Due To Anxiety

Many don’t see it this way though. In the world of suffering from anxiety many people believe that their problem is beyond fixable, and unique. Low self confidence due to anxiety is a natural progression. When you fight so deeply for control over yourself and the aspects of your life, and not receive the results you crave, Low self confidence is the natural manifestation.

In this episode of the anxiety guy show (Subscribe Here) I’ll also be running the warriors through a meditation/visualization practice. Make sure you’re not operating any machinery, and are in a comfortable and peaceful environment in order to go through this short process. This session will give you an idea of what needs to be a part of your daily plan towards overcoming self confidence due to anxiety.

Talk To Yourself Like You Would To Someone You Love. – Brene Brown

I’d like for you to put on your open mindedness caps for this podcast episode. If you’re currently going through the end the anxiety program you’ll have already begun the process of embracing uncertainty over the need for certainty causing worry. This is a great opportunity to take some golden knowledge away, and overcome low self confidence due to anxiety.

In this podcast episode I’ll be touching on: 

  • How low self confidence is actually developed
  • How to start turning your mindset around
  • Why anxiety creates such a cycle within people

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