TAGP 236: The Anxiety Battle For Your Identity That’s Taking Place Right Now (REVEALED)

April 20, 2020

anxiety battle taking place

There is an anxiety battle taking place right now in the world. A strange feeling that people are starting to awaken to and understand at a much deeper level. You can call it spiritual warfare between good and evil, call it what you like, but your attention, beliefs, and identity is the greatest prize.

If you take a few steps back to ask yourself who’s doing your thinking for you, would the answer truly be you?

I had to ask myself this fascinating question a few years ago. The answer truly hurt at first. I was a programmed being that believed that fun was connected to drinking, reality shows, junk food, video games and other self sabotaging habits.

Little did I realize at the time that I was wasting my life away.

Your identity is yours to create, and at the bottom of it all you really want inner peace and self love. I know it, it’s what all your negative and positive habits are connected to. This need that never seems to get filled is due to the programming that says you don’t deserve it. And the idea of not deserving it is connected to the information you’ve been fed by others over the years (without you even knowing it).

This anxiety battle will either be won by your true self, or your artificial self.

It depends on your ability to reflect on who you’ve become. It also depends on how sick and tired you are of being sick and tired! Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you truly think of yourself. If the answer is anything bu a loving, caring, grateful and happy human being, you’re not making your own decisions and others have taken on that role for you.

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2 comments on “TAGP 236: The Anxiety Battle For Your Identity That’s Taking Place Right Now (REVEALED)

  1. mohanned Apr 24, 2020

    Hi dennis always admire y clips.whenever i watch it i feel relife. But its temporary next day once i wakeup in morning i feel depressed i dont want see the world.i want close my eyes forever..then i start feeling titredenes. Fatigue no power ..and always focusing on my body symptoms.. checking my pulse my bp always scared all the time its been now 7 years now im fed up ..been visiting therapest for years thy all telling me just breath .always breath technque . I belive its coping only not treatment . Its been long time since i mail u thnks