TAGP 157: 7 Important Lessons Only Anxiety Can Teach You

November 26, 2018

“Going Through Anxiety, And Coming Out On The Other Side Will Literally Turn You Into A Super-Hero.”

You may not see it now, but this anxiety journey might just be the best thing for you. Why? Simply because the lessons you’re picking up (although challenging to see during day to day life with anxiety) can’t be taught by others. These are the types of lessons that can only be learned through experience.

Don’t think for a minute that I’m just trying to help you ‘look at the bright side’ or ‘help you be more positive.’ I’m talking about real inner personal growth. The very characteristic traits that will lead to achieving the goals you have for the different aspects of your life. This can be achieved through a method such as CBT for anxiety.

These Important Lessons Only Anxiety Can Teach You Will Change The Way You View The World

Because isn’t that what self help and self development is anyway? To develop yourself so you can begin to perceive your past, present, and future differently? Of course, due to the varying levels and time that people have spent living with anxiety, some will have a more challenging time to overcome these perceptions and sensitivity than others. Either way, in the end, these lessons only anxiety can teach you will arrive for all.

Anything worth achieving in life will come at a price

This journey is no different. Happiness, joy, peace etc comes at a price. Many times that price comes down to seeing through the limiting labels that were placed upon you as a child. Other times the price to pay is to let go of the story of who you think you are. This one’s a challenging one for many, challenging but always available.

In this podcast episode of The Anxiety Guy podcast I’ll be going deep into:

  • A new perspective over your current transition through anxiety
  • Where anxiety leads the majority of people
  • Why these important lessons only anxiety can teach you must be recognized now

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9 comments on “TAGP 157: 7 Important Lessons Only Anxiety Can Teach You

  1. Jenny Lee Thada Nov 26, 2018

    absolutely explained the way in which is so true….Dennis is a person that has lived with anxiety and can go thru the fears and feelings and thoughts I had for so many years…….Listening to Dennis explain why we felt that way and thought the way we did makes me feel so “normal” after all the negativity that was told to me in my childhood. I am finding it much easier to dismiss the fear and racing thoughts that made my physical symptoms a life of hell…

  2. Michelle Nov 27, 2018

    Thank you so much for everything you do. I am going thru one of the hardest things I have ever gone thru in life this far. You videos give me a glimmer of hope. Every minute of my days the last couple of weeks have been constant fear and other crazy symptoms I won’t bore you with. But your videos give me hope. That one day this will all be ok. Thank you Dennis.

  3. Mehmood Nov 27, 2018

    Its amazing article you should write some more article about that topic
    to help those affected by ADHD or Anxiety overcome their fears and stop their self doubt so they can live a healthy, purposeful life.

  4. Mindy Daniels Nov 28, 2018

    I have been enjoying and trying to exercise many of your suggestions and take a lot of your advice… thanks so much, Have listener through #157….can’t wait for more..!!
    Mindy Daniels NYC