TAGP 69: Is Anxiety Therapy For You?

June 19, 2017

anxiety therapy “My Dad Once Said Son, Never Change A Winning Game But Always Change A Losing Game.”

A question I’ve been getting quite a bit lately is “can anxiety therapy help me in my current state?” A question that doesn’t have a direct answer, and many factors need to be understood about the individual. But what I am going to do is take the opportunity to fill you with my personal opinions, give you the facts, and show you what works for me and my clients.

There is no one size fits all approach for anxiety sufferers. I’ve realized that everyone’s challenge is quite unique from the thousands of people I’ve worked through my CBT based program dealing with health anxiety and GAD. This is where much of my frustration comes into play when we think anxiety therapy in today’s world.

“I’ve been doing psychotherapy for 7 years Dennis,” Laura said to me. I was floored, what a waste of money and time I thought to myself.

So this is my no holds barred version of exactly what you need to hear as far as what will work best for you. I will lay it all out for you, and tell you what I believe is the absolute best option for your specific case. Because I’ll tell you one thing:

“What You Don’t Want Is Your Therapist To Listen To Your Story, Grab A Text Book From The Shelf, Read You Some Breathing Techniques To Do, And Book Your Next Appointment.”

Which was a familiar story during my 6 year anxiety struggle. “Was this therapy?” I thought to myself as I left each and every session more confused and anxious than when I went in. That’s when I started to do my research to find out what worked for others.

I found myself a mentor who could relate to my story and held me accountable, I learned the methods behind CBT & NLP, and was relentless in my pursuit towards changing how I saw myself and the meanings behind my core beliefs, and the rest took care of itself in time.

In Episode #69 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I’ll be sharing:

  • A deeper understanding behind my anxiety recovery
  • Why Traditional anxiety therapy didn’t work for me
  • How you can make the right choice that will actually spawn results quickly

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5 comments on “TAGP 69: Is Anxiety Therapy For You?

  1. mohamed Jun 20, 2017

    hi dennis. well ill tell u something..i have all knowlege about anxiety all information i stuided nervous system i know whts happening to me . …untill know im not seeing any progress i dont know why…i follow u i follow 101 coachrs but why im not impriving i dont know why.. is it i have lots of information and i dont know how to implement it ..i dont know… i been to 3 therapist thy did nothing just find a hobby do sport make u mind busy tht wht thy told me.. in the end thy told me take medication after thy took my money.. my problem is constant physical symptoms tht im afraid of and thy shfting always.. my friends told me the cure in u hand v simple u cannot see it… they told first u have to stop visiting doctors ..u have to stop checking u bp and u pulse which is bad habit everyday .. bcz its like cyrcle never ends…. second u have to ignore the physical symptoms ignore the fewr of fear bcz its in u mind only.. since yestedsy i started stoo checking and i knew i will get worse my mind kept giving me more fear more symptoms bcz im i had wrote a not saying i will stop checking i will ignore nothoing wrong with me . so my mind is trying now to send me more fear bcz i knkw he thinks im endangers.. also my friends told i always talk negative in everthung i have to look at things in positive way tht the core .. wht is u cimment denis love to hear it thx

    • What you would do is come up with the 3 core beliefs that are feeling your anxiety, and begin proving to yourself how irrational these can be. Through other people success stories, through your own experiences etc. After this you would take every anxious behaviour you engage in that gives you re-assurance but keep you in an anxiety cycle, and replace them. For instance googling symptoms of anxiety would be switch to taking a cold shower, or taking a walk and practicing mindfulness. Whatever breaks that cycle that pattern.

      • mohamed Jun 22, 2017

        i will do wht u said thx for y support

        • Always welcome.

          • mohamed Jun 22, 2017

            thx again for helping us..but i think findung the core belifes its confusing is it bcz my parentes would be so exagereted and making things big or bvz i lack if self confidence .. my friends noticed tht i lack of self confidence and making things bigger.. which bad habit i acquired from my parents .. maybe i need to dig