TAGP 129: Relaxation Anxiety – Why Calmness Is So Challenging For You

August 13, 2018

“Relaxation Anxiety Leads To Thinking You Can’t Stay Still, And Must Keep Your Plate Constantly Full.”

As the questions starting rolling in for me around why it was so hard for people to relax, I knew we had an important topic here. Relaxation anxiety is a feeling of having to constantly stay busy, due to the feelings of safety and familiarity. The moment an anxiety sufferer begins entering into mindfulness exercises such as meditation, or imagery exercises the body responds as if danger lurks around the corner.

relaxation anxiety help

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A bewildering cycle that lowers a persons self worth, and keeps the fight or flight response constantly on.

In today’s powerful podcast episode I’ll also be giving examples of relaxation anxiety during my 6 year struggle. Many times for example trying to take some rest and relaxation time for myself with a warm bath, quickly turned into a full on struggle to stay still. As I recognized the waves of water pulsating due to my hard heart beat, I quickly noticed that my nervous system was confused.

How Could Time For Calmness Be So Misinterpreted By My Body I Wondered? Isn’t it supposed to calm my nerves? Was there something wrong with me?

There was no let up in the catastrophic question marks I had for myself. Deep breathing led to my heart rate jumping, not slowing down. A walk in the park led to dizziness, and so on. And since the symptoms of anxiety were so strong I labelled these relaxation methods in a way that kept me trying different things, with no peace whatsoever. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy was my answer to the cycle of relaxation anxiety, and I’m forever grateful for the teachings that originated many years ago.

In this podcast episode I want to give you the deepest understanding of your relaxation anxiety. Here’s what we’ll be focusing on:

  • What anxiety sufferers unconsciously do to keep relaxation anxiety alive
  • How relaxation anxiety started in the majority of anxiety sufferers lives
  • The most important tool to put an end to the cycle for good

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8 comments on “TAGP 129: Relaxation Anxiety – Why Calmness Is So Challenging For You

  1. Allison Aug 13, 2018

    This podcast couldn’t have come at a better time….I have recently left a high stressful job and thought I would feel better. But My anxiety has actually become worse, but I think this has helped me understand what’s going on. I was also brought up in a very strict household where relaxing was unheard of…I was actually chastised for reading a book once! and told to get outside and do something “better”! Now when I have nothing scheduled into my day, my anxiety goes through the roof and I can’t relax. So glad I’ve signed up for Dennis’ program. The daily affirmations are a life saver for me and get me out of my bed and into the day.Dennis you are saving us all one by one. Thank you so much.

  2. mohanned Aug 14, 2018

    hi dennis… one sentence in u podcast is considered to be the most importent and most most powefull statment i have heard for the past 2 years of following u dennis ..which is treat u mind as i 6 years old child.. when he screams ..if u pay him attention he is going to keep crying screaming for any reason untill u get fed up of that child.. yes dennis its me i keep paying attention to my physical symptoms ..its changing always like a child he starts with screaming if u show him no attention he is going to use other ways to pay u his attention like kicking the door or running around the living room with loud crying . yes this time u have pick up the right term . our subconsois is like a kid ..as long as we have done lots of check up nothing wrong with us its only the child screaming for attention .well done dennis god bless you

  3. Michael Clark Aug 15, 2018

    Hi Dennis,

    Your Podcasts have been so helpful for getting me out of a negative rut and give me clarity to start thinking straight again.
    I have been suffering from Anxiety and Panic attacks for the last 9 months that came on without expectation.
    Im on my way to recovery but just haven’t gotten there yet. This particular podcast struck a cord with me as it is where i feel i am currently at.


    • The episode has been an eye opener to many it seems, rarely discussed and brought to peoples attention. Enjoy the podcast Mike glad it’s helping.

      • Michael Aug 17, 2018

        Thanks Dennis.

        Do you have any advice on intrusive physical symptoms? i feel like my mind can be thinking positive and optimistic thoughts but i think get a rush of adrenaline or fear for seemingly no reason that really upsets me.

        Im truly sick of leaving this way and dont think im getting what i deserve as far as letting go of thoughts and sensations and living life anyway.

        • This Monday’s podcast episode will speak directly to you. Until then understand that the physical symptoms at this point in your transition can be very much out of your control. A reaction by the body, an interpretation from the mind, based around previous experience and future potential dangers. The key is not to allow the emotion to do the thinking for you, and the more present, neutral, and observant you become to the symptoms the faster you’re re-conditioning yourself for future similar situations. Also, listen to your body as it will tell you how much rest you need. Being overworked or having too many things going at home time can be challenging to keep up with leaving the person highly sensitized.