TAGP 130: Why Do We Experience Bodily Sensations Of Anxiety?

August 20, 2018

“Sensations Of Anxiety Are Nothing More Than Questions To Your Mind.”

Understanding can be as important as action. Committing to understanding why you experience these bodily sensations of anxiety if you’re an anxiety sufferer many times becomes the challenge. And not because the person with anxiety doesn’t want to commit, but because of the core beliefs and opinions from people in their past that became their own inner critical voices.

I spent lots of time studying anxiety recoverers who went through the same inner challenges as me, and that’s where it all changed. 

sensations of anxiety

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They simply do things differently than people stuck in a cycle of thinking based on their emotional reaction. Most anxiety sufferers want to maintain their emotional state, not really step out of their comfort zones too much because the risk is too great. ‘What if I actually get better, it’s been so long!’ Or ‘I highly doubt I’ll be able to maintain my care-free happiness, so might as well not try.’ This is where Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can shift a persons thinking style completely.

Bodily sensations of anxiety can really affect someones perceptions over time and space. Time because it goes way to slow, and the moment an anxiety sufferer wakes up many times they can’t wait to get back to bed in the evening. And space because they lose track of their environment, and the current situation due to being so internally focused.

But What You’re Going Through Right Now Is Nothing More Than A Puzzle. When You Were A Child You Loved Puzzles, Now You Just Have To Have Enough Self Awareness And Willingness To Engage In Deep Critical Thinking Of Your Patterns. The Pieces Will Come Together In Time. 

In todays episode of The Anxiety Guy podcast we’re exploring some very important ideas including:

  • What keeps these bodily sensations of anxiety alive and strengthening as time goes by
  • What the proper mindset is when bodily sensations of anxiety arise
  • What the right way to engage in self talk with yourself is

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4 comments on “TAGP 130: Why Do We Experience Bodily Sensations Of Anxiety?

  1. mohanned Aug 21, 2018

    hi dennis i need your advice about something… have found out one of my core belife is lack of confidence.. i see my self ugly i dont love my self.. if i go back to past i remmber my brothers would make fun of my nose bcz its long and im thin body.. for years since that time i dont trust my self i cannot approch any lady .. im 47 yeras old . so i have internal conflict one part of me want to have love and looking for seroius relaship the other part say i look ugly my nose is long im bold head thin i might get rejected no woman will like me.. today i wanted to approch lady i coudlnt do it becs fear i dont trust my i self i dont love my appearance.. this is one of my core belife which i realized i started getting many bodily symptoms pressire in my head off balance fatigue.. which now im afraid as u know health anxiety tht these symptoms might be seroius illness..wht is u advice about lack confidence qnd i see my self ugly . thx

  2. Michael Aug 22, 2018

    Hi Dennis,

    Another very timely podcast for me as I feel almost at a comfortable state with my anxiety but still give in to the physical sensations and the worrying thoughts that come with them.
    I am learning to just live beside the anxiety and not giving the sensations and negative thinking respect or too much of my time.

    It’s easier Some days that others. Just trying to look for consistency and develop more positive habits but keep telling myself it takes time!

  3. Michael Aug 22, 2018

    Hi Dennis,

    Great podcast and especially timely for me as the physical sensations of anxiety and me giving them too much respect and attention is what is in my opinion holding me back from full recovery.

    I especially liked how you explained that these sensations were probably always there but like a ‘fart in the wind’ i would just dismiss them before as just that a passing sensation.

    I have always used worrying as a coping mechanism to avoid pain, uncertainty and being hurt so i know i need to learn some more positive habits and live along side this current state of anxiety and have faith in the process.

    Some days easier than others!

    • mMditation for example will slow down the brain waves to give us space to clearly see through our irrational ways. I’d suggest sitting or lying down a few times a day and releasing yourself from the day as best you can. Glad the podcast helped Michael.