TAGP 128: The Real Reasons For Why You Live In Constant Panic

August 6, 2018

“If We Can Learn How To Respond To Panic Rather Than React, Everything Changes.”

To live in constant panic means to have a worldview that says ‘this world is unsafe.’ For people like this the minds filter system deletes information that relates to safety, and modifies information to fit with fear. As those neural connections in the brain grow stronger and stronger the world becomes scarier and scarier, and so the panic cycle continues.

why do I live in constant panic

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Conditioning And Repetition Are The True Sources That Led To A Life Of Panic.

The panic cycle means that the emotional brain (limbic system) has been highly attuned to associating normal things to threats. The fight or flight response gets released as all the other parts of the brain shut down to focus on the immediate threat. As the cycle continues the adrenal glands secrete more adrenaline and cortisol, as the system becomes overwhelmed with a release of energy.

The continuation of this state without a proper CBT based recovery program leads to many other symptoms such as depersonalization, dizziness, and bewilderment. We need to take the time to understand that to live in constant panic all started with 1, or a handful of events. Things that occurred, reactions that were made, and pairings in the mind that were created.

The conscious mind didn’t show up in that moment you had an emotional trauma. So you now may live in constant panic simply based on wrong interpretations.

In this podcast episode I want to create clarity within you through relatable knowledge. Make sure to prepare yourself as an active listener for this podcast episode, because you’ll gain much more than to just listen passively. In this podcast we’ll focus on three very important aspects, if you live in constant panic:

  • What brought on a life with constant panic in the first place
  • The real reason why you hang onto these limited emotions today
  • How to release yourself of the cycle of perceived danger

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4 comments on “TAGP 128: The Real Reasons For Why You Live In Constant Panic

  1. mohanned Aug 7, 2018

    hi dennis… i didnt get u point about repressed emotions…i mean is past events that happend in my life and my interpretation towards them are the reason why i am now.. i feel panicky 247 ..bodily sensations constantly fear of everu small symptoms in my body.. depersonslusation 247.. i have tried to dig deeply its my childhood ..i was raised up with fear ..dont do this dont eat that. stay away from this.. no confidence ..so its been 40 years ..now im a man how can i fix something from my childhood i adapted ..its engraved and its playing with my and controling my life now ..