TAGP 89: 5 Keys To Overcoming Relaxation Induced Anxiety

November 6, 2017

how to stop relaxation induced anxiety“Too Many Of Us Are Not Living Our Dreams Because We Are Too Busy Living Our Fears.”

Studied have shown that about 15% of people are prone to relaxation induced anxiety. What is relaxation induced anxiety? It’s simply the fear of partaking in any behaviour that is relaxing and calming for the majority of people in the world today. The idea itself can throw a person into an anxious loop that can lead to other emotions such as anger and disgust in themselves.

“Whenever Someone Told Me To Relax, Steam Started Coming Out Of My Ears! A Combination Of Their Ignorance For My Anxiety Disorder And My Inability To Find Any Peace Was Overwhelming.”

The first thing I had to do was quit the blame game. If no one ever went through health anxiety, generalized anxiety, or panic disorder how could I expect them to truly get the message? So that was a good starting point for me. Than it was a recognition of my initial internal responses to partaking in relaxing exercises, I had to re-organize these right away and gain control back.

I needed to understand that relaxation induced anxiety was my fault and no one else’s. My unconscious patterns, my limiting beliefs, and my avoidance behaviours. I heard a term going around in the Neuroscience world at the time called Neuroplasticity, which refers to the ability of the mind to alter it’s own pathways and change it’s connections.

“Could I Un-due What I Had Created?” I Wondered…

The truth is yes, we can overcome relaxation induced anxiety. Which is a big relief to hear because we all deserve to find peace in our lives. We’re not machines created only to finish our to-do lists, we’re much more than that and have much to contribute to this world through our unique abilities.

In Episode #89 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We Look Into:

  • What Life Is Like With Relaxation Induced Anxiety
  • What Your Anxiety Support Team Needs To Understand
  • The Most Important Knowledge You Need To Hear Today To Overcome Relaxation Induced Anxiety

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