TAGP 88: 3 Powerful Ways You Can Use Social Media To Improve Your Mental Health

October 30, 2017

how to use social media to help mental health“When The Thought Of Logging Off Social Media Leaves You With A Cold Sweat You Need A Wake Up Call, And Here It Is.”

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc., are certainly the channels that engage most internet users. Social media has however also become a factor in causing anxiety and adding to the turmoil people experience with their mental health. Mental health experts all over the world are of the opinion that social media plays a significant role in the rising instances of anxiety among adolescents, teens, and adults.

“But Today Is The Day We Turn Everything Around And Gain Back Our Sense Of Self Control!”

Some people are so addicted to social media and consequently overwhelmed with anxiety that they are unable to attend work or carry out routine tasks in their everyday life. Also let’s not forget the thousands of teens who could eventually grow up and be unable to cope and overcome the challenges and complexities of their daily lives.

A study found that from 1985 to 2016 the total number of freshmen from UCLA who reported feelings of being “inundated” soared from 18% to 41%. On a nationwide scale in the US, the rate of ‘crushing teen anxiety’ among university students soared to 62% in 2016 from 50% in 2011.

Social media has been found to be just one of the several triggers of anxiety for people in todays world; other factors include over-commitment and perfectionism in privileged children and the almost-real, constant threat of instability and violence in working-class and poor teenagers.

Smartphones can also be very damaging

Anxiety experts have offered warnings against the false impression or ‘illusion’ of power/control that smartphones can offer people who seek to insulate and isolate themselves. This false sense of control can be helpful as a coping mechanism in the short term. However, it will prevent anxiety sufferers from gaining the skill sets and resilience necessary to flourish in life.

In This Powerful Anxiety Guy Podcast Focused On Social Media We Dive Into:

  • How one simple tweak can change the way you see and use social media
  • How certain social media messages that are outside of your awareness are affecting your anxiety and mental health
  • What you can expect by implementing the 3 powerful steps in this podcast episode

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